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outtheregirl and Chelmsford_man, Ipswich, England - Suffolk, United Kingdom

I joined this site in March after a painful separation from my husband after
14 years. I read a lovely profile by Chelmsford_man (Steve) I emailed him at the end of July and we discovered that we both have had similar problems in our previous relationships and we also had a lot in common, we both liked the same music, films, places of interest etc.
We started off slowly by firstly emailing each other through this site, then chatting on line again though large-friends, then we exchanged mobile numbers but only for texting each other, then we made a big decision to talk on the phone for the first time, we were both very nervous but seamed to get on really well. Then came the big step of our first date, even though we both knew what we looked like from the photos of large-friends and we had talked a lot on the phone we were both very worried about how we would be when we met, but we got on like a house on fire right from the start and we talked solidly for 4 hours over some drinks in a lovely Essex pub.
We didn?t kiss on our 1st date but found out on our 2nd & 3rd date that we both wanted to but didn?t know what the other person wanted so we quickly made up for lost time. Since then we have seen each other every week without fail and we both knew we had fallen head over heals in love with each other from the second week of seeing each other. I don't think either of us expected this to happen to us and he has made me realise that I am a lovely person and he is the most wonderful, thoughtful kind caring man I have ever met.
We both would like to thank everyone at large-friends for bringing us together, we are both very happy and couldn?t of done it without this site and we wrote this to give other people encouragement that it is possible to find true love if you look hard enough.
Anita & Steve