please tell me what you all think of long distance romances? Family

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    SOULSEARCHIN - Let me start by saying - - you are so friggin' gorgeous! Yes, I'm straight, straight totally straight - LMAO!!

    I've been on the site for about a month and a half and originally kept my searches within 50 miles of me, because I was really hoping to find some new, cool people to go out and have fun with. Unfortunately, not too much luck; unless I wanted to meet a couple of dorks for immediate sex . But a friend of mine told me to "expand my horizons" and I connected with someone who is quite a ways from me, but turns out he's more than likely moving to Florida because of work and family connections.....oh, lucky me! LOL

    I guess I said all that to say this: Don't look at it as a "long distance relationship" - - look for a friendship, and if it's meant to be, who knows what's out there for you!!!

    And if you and the family come to Orlando (say you want to visit the famous mouse house or something) - - look me up for sure!!
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    I agree with some of the thoughts expressed here but I believe that The choice of how far you are willing to be away from one another is the real question. I was recently involved with a person that lived about a hour and 30 minutes away and that was too hard for him to handle. Years ago I was involved with someone that lived a 4 hour drive away and we had the best relationship and it
    worked. So the best advice would be to
    have a deep conversation and see where you stand.
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    I agree with musicnut. I tried it for almost 3 years and it didn't work. The guy always wanted me to come see him but he only once made the effort to come to see me. We talked on the phone daily but its just not the same as having someone across town that you can hop in the car to see and hold. Its hard when you hear that he is going out and you wish it was he was going out with you. The guy I dated cheated on me also so that put a bad taste in my mouth. The only thing I can say about it is it can only be for a certain amount of time if you do it and both parties have to be willing to travel to see the other. All in all, I wouldn't do it again.
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    I just started searching outside of my area and I am sooo glad I did. I have seen and talked to some really great guys. You never know where or when you'll meet "the one" so I stopped limiting my searches.
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    Well, personally, I've never tried it, and was pretty much against it... but thanks to one persistant gentleman, I'm going to fly back east this next week to see if there is any chemistry between us. Not sure how the long distance would work out in the long run, but as posted before... friends at the minimum isn't a bad thing.
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    Hi all, I am just starting to consider a long dis. relationship. At least he is only a few hours away in the same state. It is very hard thing to do.....but what in life is easy right!! If it turns out that it will not work then I will still have a great friend to show for it & life goes on??
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    Thank you Rockchick I hope it all works out for you and your guy too.. I know the phone cards we get here.. Are LOUSY to say the least.. I recently bought a 10 dollar one.. Only to find out I got 8 Min's to NewZealand.. But he can get one for 5 bucks.. And get like 200 Min's to here go figure..
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    Yea any long distance thing is hard..I have been talking to a guy from New Zea land for 3 years now.. We have had our ups and way downs LoL but were best friends for it.. He even tried to come here last march.. 3 thousand dollars later after he had gotten rid of everything he had.. Over there only to be turned around here at the airport.. By immigration over something very minimal.. He had to go back there and resettle himself all together.. We have spent prob hundreds of dollars in phone cards.. To keep in touch nz to usa is not a cheep call lol.. I'm Finlay going there in August.. Guess the hardest thing about a long distance relationship.. Especially one as long as ours is waiting to see.. How things will go when we Finlay meet.. It can work out depending on.. How much you both are willing to put into it I guess..
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    hmmmmm scoot, I guess I'll have to move to NJ
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    I'd consider a long distance relationship with someone either at the other end of the UK or some places in Europe as air fares are quite cheap and most UK places I can set off at 9am and be there for mid afternoon! If two people are willing to make a go of it and maybe even relocate then go for it I say!
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    Last time I tried one, something was missing. And it was her.

    But hope does spring eternal.
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    Tried long-distance romance twice. Didn't work. We each needed somebody to cuddle on a regular basis and the distance was just too much to try to work around.
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    I guess it depends on who the people are in the relationship. I have been in three long distance relationships in my life and in the first two cases, the relationships did not work because we were too far apart, could not afford to visit frequently and because we lacked patience. In the relationship that I am in now, we live 350 miles apart and visit one another at least twice a month for 3 day weekends. We also talk on the phone regularly. I guess it works for us because we are homebodies and don't like to go out much. We keep in contact over the phone, talking off and on through out the day for about three or four hours. We wake one another up with a call every day and talk to each other before we go to sleep at night. It is the best thing that we can do to feel close between times that we see each other again.

    I would say that the thing that keeps our relationship going is that we have found in one another the things that we require in a mate. He has all of the traits that I asked for in a mate and to be honest, he asked for basically the same things in the woman that he wanted to meet. Because we were both in extremely bad, life changing relationships before we met, we are greatful for the kindness, understanding and patience that we have for one another. Having received what we both asked for, we know that we will be together, under the same roof in a matter of months. While we are sad when we have to say good bye until the next time we see one another, we know that our separation is only temporary.

    I would not discourage or encourage a long distance relationship because people have different ideas of what constitutes a relationship. I only know that mine is working and I know that my honey is worth the time and effort that is expended to be with him.
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    kittyluvr write:
    Wow, I'll have to keep that advice in mind?!

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    Wow, I'll have to keep that advice in mind?!
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    Long distance relationships never work!! Take it from a gal w/experience. Its just alot of wasted time and heartache

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    A long distance romance would be better than none at all......
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    Telula write:
    I believe you could be the best of friends, but as for a real romance - I don't think so !

    Agree 100%... Personal experience.. try so many, and at the end is all the same... distance is a great obstacle.. Hope you are the exception.. but I don't recommend it.
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    Long distant relationships are alot of work,id rather have someone in the same state,just my opinion.
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    Ummmm, I hate to interupt Steve's wedding proposal (and it was so romantic to) LOL

    Soulsearchin, I agree with Diva, if you set the expectation of prince charming in 100 mile radius, you might miss a great friendship or other potential bonus. I get winks all the time from people who are half way across the country and in a few cases half way around the world (speaking of where is new south wales?). But I have gotten a bunch of new friends to chit chat with and if anything more happens BONUS!

    But that is just my two cents
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