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    Well I've just come in and I'm 25 from Fort Myers, FL.

    LOL...I have a "positive" story to tell. I work at the front desk in a beach resort and one night there were VERY rowdy and angry guests. The guy finally said, "Aww...hon...I'm so sorry...I won't take it out on you anymore. You're too cute and look like you can beat the s**t out of me!"'s that for positive?? :-)

    Anyway, hope everyone has a great time on this site. I've just joined and I have no idea what's going to happen with it. Doesn't seem TOO active, but here's hoping! ((hugs))
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    This is as close as it gets to my group, the "teens"...

    While I may legally be 18, I easily pass for a twenty something person.

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    hi and welcome to the site
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    shyredneck write:
    Does age matter to you and why/why not?
    Age matters to a certain number. I am looking for someone that is older than I am since I have an "old personality" (according to my grandmother, lol) but said person can't be closer to my parents in age than me.
    Just kind of a quirk. I am 22, by Dad just turned 50. I am looking for some one 22 to 36, preferred between 25 and 32. i guess i might be a little too picky. What do you think?

    I can see that, I have for the most part dated older women because there is less confusion and older women tend to know exactly what they is a personal preference as some men/women dont want children, some do --- its all a matter of knowing who you are so you can relay that info on to your potential hunny

    Honesty works the best, a little honesty saves everyone time and heartache
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    TheCurvyTigeress write:
    In reply to darkdixie's question-
    It sounds like he likes you... so ask already. Ask him if he wants you as his girlfriend or to date for a while and see where it goes. Even if his reply is that he dosnt like you that way at least you know and you can get on with your life. It sounds like he might want you as a freind at least (most guys I know wouldnt waste their time on the phone with someone they dont like as a person at lease) so asking if he is attracted and wants to take it further isnt going to hurt anything.

    Re: Thanks. I did ask him and he said that he likes me as a friends and maybe something could happen. I let it drop and will just enjoy him as a friends, cant loose that hot body to look

    In reply to Reds question. I would rather be out with my friends walking around the Block at Orange ( a outdoors mall) but instead I am stuck at school trying to stuff way to much information in.

    I was watching a show on TV late one night and it was about the world of plus size people. They had doctors and experts talk about the harmful effect that many people have to face. I have noticed that today plus size people are more exepted but still looked upon as lazy and such. Has anyone actually had a positive reaction from people you dont know about your weight. I hear so much about the negative that I was hoping that there are positives out there too.

    One for me I had a lady come into my work the other day and stop and just look at me from afar. I thought it was going to be another one of those moments when you want the floor to open but after I was done with the guest I was helping she walked up to me and told me how pretty I looked. She said that I carried myself lightly and that I looked to be glowing. The rest of the day I was just, well, happy.

    Now your turns, nothing negative we hear to much of that anyway.
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    Hello out there in cyberspace! I suppose I belong in this club since I'm 18.

    Well, a little about me, I live in Omaha and like swimming (in summer) computers, and books! I'm a reading legend at every school I've attended, not trying to brag.

    I'm on the site looking for an older someone who wouldn't mind having me...that's about all!
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    goodtsurprise write:
    Any chance to get you down to the OC?


    Is this for me? I travel down to LA frequently to see my 4yr old daughter.

    As far as a topic for us 20 somethings

    Does age matter to you and why/why not?


    Its a number to me, personality, maturity matter more to me than most anything else how about you guys?
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    I'm twenty-something too. Twenty-nine plus sixteen.
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    Hi, I'm new here 26 years old from Nevada. Hope I get to meet some real cool people here. Y si hablan espanol, tambien comuniquensen conmigo. ;)

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    happy new year hun xx
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    well darkdixie, their are multiple ways you can do this.

    you can call him up and just ask him if he likes u, of course his response is going to be yes. In that whick you reply how much? if he says alot your in. remember with in these walls you heart might jump dependsing on what he says.

    However, if your heart does not jump, skip a beat, or even stop for a breif moment, or even speed up increidably. do not fall for what he says. Its seems like yes, He is into you but, it seems like somethings iffy.
    Thats way one.
    way two. Invite him over and have a serious talk with him. tell him how you feel, kiss him passionatly. If the kiss is fake, everything else will be fake.
    Way Three.
    Just bone the bastared, see if hes acts differently after words. See if his actions/ attuide towards you changes. thats really the only way to know for sure, however if his attuide is the same Except more... lovable. you know you have your man.
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    Hi, Im new to the site. I am 22 and from NJ. Hope to meet some cool people!
  • View author's info posted on Dec 20, 2006 23:29

    I really like having a section where its just people in their 20's. I have some issues that I know that you guys would understand.

    People have already wrote about how they like younger or older guys/girls but this is different. Yes the guy is younger but that has nothing to do with the mess going through my head. I like him and I believe that he likes me but I have no idea how to really tell and how to go after him in such a way that he is not turned off. I tried my moms way and waited but with us out of the dark ages I really cant wait for the guy to make the first move. Ok here's the story:

    We talk at work and on the phone for about a hour at a time on our days off. But he is a seasonal worker becaues he plays on his college football team and does not have time to work all the time. So we dont see each other that much. The last time we went out to eat after work he did that " I need to yawn" and put his arms around me.

    Than the other night I went to say bye becaues he wanted me to stop by before I went home and we ended up talking for about a hour. I called him tonight to see if he wanted to go to Disneyland tomorrow and he was hanging out with his friends but still would not let me off the phone. He tried to make me part of what was happening.

    With all the things happening I think he likes me but I really want to know so I can move on if not. Other than coming out and asking him (I dont think I have enough self esteem for that) how would I go about finding out if he like me? Please I really need help.
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    Morning guys and gals!

    Mike, 25 from the great white north!

    I'll leave you with a random quote

    Cogitto Eggo Sum

    I think therefore I am a waffle!

    A bit of humor to start the day!
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    hey there im chris 20 from the uk. happy xmas peeps
  • View author's info posted on Dec 17, 2006 11:17

    Any chance to get you down to the OC?
  • View author's info posted on Dec 13, 2006 07:18

    Hey everyone!! <3
  • View author's info posted on Dec 11, 2006 14:58

    hi! jus joined a few minz ago..thought i'd drop in n send ya'll greetings. im 20 n from texas...hope to talk to sum of ya'll soon!!!
  • View author's info posted on Dec 11, 2006 01:32

    hi there sweetgirl how are u, thanx for the wink btw hopefully chat soon
  • View author's info posted on Dec 08, 2006 10:02

    Hi fun! I don't have any bad stories about the site but no good ones either. I've talked a little to a couple of people but I haven't found anyone that I have a lot in common with to talk to on a regular basis. Mostly people a good bit older than I. Then again I'm not online a lot. I hope everyone else here is having good luck with it.
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