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    Personally, I dont see age as an issue in consenting adults. The rest is all personal preferance. For myself, I'm more attracted to older men. I've dated men almost 30 years my senior and had a wonderful time. I think I 'mesh' better with men who are older than me. Add to that a bit of fear for the younger guy who might be more apt to have a wandering eye. Older guys SHOULD have their partyin' days over with and be ready to settle down till "death do them part". As other gals have said... I'm not saying that ALL younger guys can and will be unfaithful... and yes,I know... older guys can be that way too. I'm just saying that the chances are probubly less with older guys than with younger ones.

    Thats just my opinion on the age issue, and strictly directed to myself. I see NOTHING wrong with younger guys dating older gals. *smile*

    Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I stuck in a rut?
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    I also like younger guys. I even married one a long time ago.
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    Like Rockchick, I love younger guys! I've seen guys up to 13 years younger than me. And while I love the energy younger guys bring to a relationship, I have found that they tend to be acutely concerned with getting laid and not very concerned at all with building a relationship.

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