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    Seems that if there is not a girlfriend or wife that there are also those who are not honest with themselves and when reality comes into the picture they have no intention of actually speaking or meeting in person. Seems that some are just exploring fantasies and relieving boredom. I am much more cautious after a few burns than I was at first. I am totally sticking to my neighborhood and meeting folks face to face asap and proceeding in a non internet manner - the old fashioned approach worked fine before the net can work fine post net too.
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    This stories are pretty sad to read, but also a reflection of "reality check" I think

    It is easy to be something on internet, maybe something one dream to be and have no guts to achieve. And such people pretend to be someone who they are not and lie.

    Sad stories, hope no one gets hurt too much in this internet relations :(
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    I feel for you sdlrglady. I've only just read your post, but I could have written it.
    I don't know why they do it. But I do know that they are the losers in the end...poor deluded creatures!

    I sleep a lot better at night, knowing that I'm honest with myself, and honest with others.
    Just put it down to experience, and keep your faith in human nature.
    One bad apple...etc xx
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    We don't all lie SD and we don't all have a wife or g/f or husband or b/f, like some on here that hide profiles.
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