Do Real Men Cuddle??? Lonely Hearts Post Ur Thoughts Here... Forward to friends

  • View author's info Posted on Nov 11, 2007 at 07:32 PM

    It seems that others dont cuddle or show affection in that way as it is frowned upon, against the norm.
    I say "SOD EM" I know what I like.
    Always have and always will.

    There is way to much crap in the world and not enough love to be shared, and having a "HUG" from a friend really does help things A LOT.

    If these so called "REAL MEN" cant see that, then please dont insult others by calling them men.

    Anyways, you caught me on an "OFF" day, not feeling 100% and a stressful week ahead, so where I would normally answer with a really nice post that would make you smile and be warm and fuzzy inside, well, all I have is this to say.

    "Hae a HUG fae a Daft Cuddly Scotsman"

    Peace xxx
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    Of course they do. If they don't, in my opinion, they're not real men. There is the cultural aspect. As a rule, Western men are not taught to be 'cuddly'; they are the rock, the strong take-on-the-world types because that's what the culture calls for. Bloody shame, that.

    Then there is the inability that many men have to separate sex from intimacy; the old 'don't start the engine if you don't want to drive the car' attitude. I can't think of many things that are better than quietly holding someone I really love. That is an end in itself, and does not need to lead to sex to be fulfilling.

    I may be in a minority (obviously so, or the question wouldn't have been raised), but I'm a very touchy-feely kind of man where my love is concerned. If that makes me weird, then I'm weird.

    That's my tuppence, and worth every bit of what you paid for it.