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    I need some help. I'm only 3 days into to this concept that big is beautiful, and that there are normal, attractive guys who really believe this. So for 22 years, I have been told by society that I am an out cast. I've never had a boyfriend, but I have had tons of boys who are friends. I thought that I would never be good enough unless I lost 100bs. I have stressed myself out so much over this that instead of losing weight, I gained. I became close to depressed many times. Not about being over weight, but about the pressure of having to lose it. Well, the thing is.. I'm comfortable in my own skin. I only wanted to change so that I was accepted. I thought I would be alone forever if I didn't. I thought this up until 3 days ago.

    Strange how things work... Here's my story.

    So my mom had this guy come over to service our player piano. Some how they got to talking about how we was attracted to large women over 400lbs. Now, to me at first.. this was weird. I had never heard of such a thing! So that night, I looked on line and found this web site. So here I am.. trying to reprogram myself. And my question is.. how do I go about doing it? This is so strange to me... but it's awesome! To know that there are great men out there who love the way I look is so stress relieving. I like the way I look. I am perfectly content. The few guys I have been involved with were jerks. They only saw me as a target to take advantage of. I've gone 22 years feeling ugly to everyone around me. I don't know anything different. I always assumed any guy who gave me attention was either making fun of me, or were freaks! How do I put down my guard? Any tips would be very helpful. Thanks for reading this!!"
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    Hi Kim,

    You are a very beautiful young woman! The light that is shining through you will attract attention. I know how it is in our area to find a special person, but someone right in my own backyard asked me out at work and I am having the time of my life! This site is great for making friends and some have found love, but don't forget that maybe someone you look right through everyday may think of you in that "special" way. Have fun little one!
  • View author's info posted on Aug 27, 2005 11:28

    Hi Kim, I know how you feel hun, I am 41 and spent the last 20 years dieting. I was a slim teenager but put on weight after I had my daughter and spent 20 years being miserable and trying to fit in. I then met a wonderful, sensitive man who loved me for who I was and taught me to love myself. Sadly a year ago god wanted him back and he was taken away from me at the age of 36 and I now find myself in this dating game again. However, what he taught me has not left me and I now embrace who I am and have found a place where I fit in and am accepted. There are an awful lot of men out there who not only do not judge women for their appearance but do truly love what nature gave us and Im sure you will find someone to treasure who you are and give you the love you deserve.

    Good luck in your search.

  • View author's info posted on Aug 21, 2005 19:57

    Thank you so much for all of your positive feed-back. You've helped me out a lot!!!
  • View author's info posted on Aug 19, 2005 05:54

    Kimmeister write:
    ... I thought that I would never be good enough unless I lost 100bs...


    Good enough for what?...

    who has told you that you need to be 120 lbs to be good?... I think that you are very beautiful, and your pics kick buttt.

    Look at yourself in the mirrow honey, you are sexy, beautiful and have brains, don't live to please a narrow minded society, live to please your life, and make a stand to yourself in regards to your beauty and s#x appeal... not to worry.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 19, 2005 05:39

    Hey Kim,
    first off, you are a very pretty young woman, don't let others tell you different. Become confident in your self and it will shine through, there are lots of great women and men on here that wil help you with advice, listen to them.
    Most of all learn to love and be happy with yourself, then I'm sure you will rock some guy's world, be good , stay lucky.
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