Am I the only one that finds it odd that DATING

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    there are so many profiles that have absolutely no listing for all of the choices "no preference"

    All sorts of reasons that one might select as interpretation through assumption:

    a) not important enough to the profile maker to complete the selections (it might take several seconds out of "chat" time

    b) the handle really doesn't care if the person they contact is married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed or single (Why?)

    c) the person behind the profile has no concept of what body type "does it for them" (All relative isn't it?)

    Any additions, comments...
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    In my opinion, members whose profile lack too much information are hiding their true desires. As for pictures...

    Few years ago I went out with a man who sent me picture after picture of himself. In person he was at least 15 yrs older and 20lbs heavier than in the pics. I recently came across his profile again with the same pictures from back then.

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    One question I have about what I have noticed on profiles were preferences have been selected is why do men or a guess women too come to a BB or large size dating site and only mark that they are interested in slim people? I have noticed that a lot when I have searched in my area.

    Also hey tonydallas you are a gorgeous! Do you ever make it to Kansas?
  • View author's info posted on Sep 08, 2007 15:46

    Hey football guy, you are adorable! Hope you swing by Tennessee some day!
  • View author's info posted on Dec 06, 2005 16:51

    Hi Tony, thank you for the wink by the way and just wanted to say nice message. :)

  • View author's info posted on Nov 16, 2005 13:13

    there are some qualities I really have no preference; things such as education level and income don't mean a lot, I know people who haven't graduated high school but are smarter than I hope to be, and know people educated who would be called "educated fools". Sorry but I do have a choice for body type however. I am annoyed by girls or anyone who misrepresents themselves ie, lie, by posting a picture ten or fifteen years old.
    what do you think about those??
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    I've been wondering about something for a while, and I just realized this thread is the perfect place to bring it up.

    So many men describe their interests in a way that I find so vague as to be downright stupid. I can't tell you how many profiles I've seen that say things like "I like to have fun" or "I enjoy life".

    Well no sh*t. Is there anyone out there who doesn't like to have fun? The real question is, what do you consider 'fun', and does it overlap at all with what I think is fun?

    My all-time favorite so far is one guy who said "I like to do things." Man, it just doesn't get any more uninformative and vacuous than that. Did he really think he was saying something useful?

    A friend of mine told me that any time a guy puts something like "likes to have fun" or "enjoys life" in his profile, it really means he's just looking for sex. Is that true?

    That strikes me as pretty lame, but at least that way these stupid empty phrases would at least have SOME meaning...
  • View author's info posted on Nov 13, 2005 05:56

    I agree with everything you said, Dee. On my profile, I filled out everything that was important to me, and I suspect (or at least hope!) that this is what most people do.

    I don't only date guys with a particular hair or eye color (and I find it ludicrous that anyone would do so), so I put "no preference" for those sections. I am not really attracted to skinny guys, so I selected everything except slim, slender, etc. in that section.

    I do have some opinions about religion - for example, I don't want to date someone who is a very devout Christian and who would expect me to convert - but I put "no preference" there because I didn't want to exclude anyone who might identify himself with one of the listed faiths but isn't too religious for me.

    So those are just some examples of what preferences I did or did not select, and why.

    I have to admit it annoys me when men don't bother to fill out the free-form sections on themselves and/or what they're looking for. The truth is, everyone has preferences, and if you don't give some clue what you're like and you're looking for, either no one is going to contact you, or you're going to waste a lot of time with people who aren't your type.

    Just my opinion...
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