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    My experience with private chatrooms, as I've said before is that you can tell who is in charge, they have hammers. This comment has nothing to do with a "fear" of hammers, for those not astute enough to see my point before. It is just a term used to distinguish what you find in a private vs a public chatroom. The "owner" of the chatroom can ban you if she doesn't like your opinion. Often times your mail box is full of crap. My last post was not pointing fingers at people in the "LF" chat room on m$n. This one is, however. I find it very interesting that I am no longer a member. Sorry to those who I may have offended before. I don't really care about chatting with this group. Yes, It is very clicky, and you can easily join the click. I have been in the room when people were called names, a couple times. I have been in the room when we were reciting every swear word in the book. Those who did that are still members, so, I guess, you have to know the right person. I am entitled to my opinion, which is based on my experience in chatting in other chatrooms on m$n and other dating sites.
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    Y'all are just killin me with all this talk about wood....Now I have to go find
  • View author's info posted on Sep 02, 2005 19:02

    yea Gordy, I bet you have a few notches on your wood, considering the room is or was predominantly women. P.S Wood is another chat term for hammer, as well as.......
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    No problems here either. Someone has to be the manager or else how would it get started? How would people be approved. If you don't like it then don't join. Simple as that.
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    Well I'm glad you've got no problem with authority Tulsa, as I'm the boss man now and any ladies who break the rules will have to be spanked! Any guys who break the rules will be banned from being served alcohol!

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    Hey Kew, I'm glad to see you still among the here and could you hook me up in the "mature adult" chat room, as I feel I am a "mature adult" (ROFLMAO), and I have NO problems with authority figures as some people seem to have. Hope to be chattin with ya soon...
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    ahh yes theo, I'm a bad girl!, I guess girls who have a different opinion from the crowd are badddddd. but, heh, you're a sweetie, thanks!

    well kew, I guess using the site's name and advertising on that same site may a legal issue. It is best to close it and reopen as another private room.
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