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    Personally I buy second hand DVDs. Surprisingly cheap and NOooooo adverts :-D
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    Quite... plus they tend to build narratives and those narratives have to be around how someone's lazy or a glutton if they don't lose enough weight.

    I remember when we had something like that on british TV and this BHM singer walked. The abuse that was heaped on him was chilling... all because he decided that clearly, losing weight wasn't worth the treatment. Plus I note that nearly all the celebrities who did lose weight have since put it back on.
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    I bloody hate that kind of programme.

    Weight-loss Boot Camp
    Celebrity Weight-Loss

    Even if I was 800 ibs and cleaning myself with a rag on a stick I would STILL have enough dignity and self-respect to refuse to go on a TV programme where I'd be bossed around and shouted at for the sole reason of making fatties jiggle about on screen for the amusement of idiots sitting at home.

    Reality TV is a CANCER on western civilisation.

    Most reality TV is aspirational. Make-over shows for the person, the house or the garden are all about convincing people that they too could live in a nice environment if they'd paint opposing walls of their prole hole lilac or something.

    Similarly I have a theory that a large chunk of TV is aspirational too. It exists to comfort people that no matter how messed up they are, there are still people crazier and uglier than they are.

    Programmes that revolve around weight-loss are the perfect example of this. Oh SURE the witless soccer mom might think she has a big arse because she can't fit into those jeans anymore but at least she's not as fat as THESE LOSERS (the clue's in the title).

    Well I might be fat but I'll never jiggle about on screen for the amusement of mouth-breathing cretins. If you ask me the biggest losers are the people watch shows like this. You can actually SEE the IQ of the western world dropping as it watches such unvarnished tripe.

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