First Date Ideas

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  • CelestialCocoa ( 30 / W / Bellefonte, PA )

    A picnic, a sightseeing trip, a concert at an amphitheater, or just chatting in a park pavilion

  • litteone12484 ( 31 / W / Avondale, AZ )

    For the first meet, I prefer something low key... going to a coffee shop in a nice plaza and getting to know each other. If things go well then dinner, and something active like arcade games and bowling at uptown alley  more>>

  • Jennchan ( 35 / W / Kenner, LA )

    I think anything can make a great date if there is communication. Some place not too noisy, so we can talk, but someplace fun so it doesn't feel stiff.

  • katelyn24 ( 24 / W / Milwaukee, WI )

    Something creative. Maybe something we both haven't done before, or something unique.

  • DariusRochester ( 20 / M / Houston, TX )

    Anywhere we can have fun and just have a good time

  • CherryJean05 ( 30 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    Anything evolving outdoors. I love walking and sightseeing. But I'm also up to trying something new.

  • Rose24 ( 22 / W / Long Beach, CA )

    Doing something fun together, something memorable. Maybe visit a museum, go to a sporting event, dinner and a movie is always nice as well!

  • ohemmgee ( 22 / W / Wetumpka, AL )

    Let's go to a new city & see what the town has to offer. Let's eat at the local diner & eat the most favorite meal. Let's be spontaneous

  • crazybandit ( 32 / M / Kenosha, WI )

    The venue doesn't matter as long as the conversation is good

  • Kanda13 ( 37 / W / Port Macquarie, New South Wales )

    A walk by the river, lunch looking over the beach.... Nothing fancy, just casual and relaxed.

  • redrider46 ( 47 / M / Evansville, IN )

    Barring my self in to you! As I kiss your face

  • Juan11 ( 28 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    Out to eat movies or whatever u like it don't matter to me

  • AlisaK ( 44 / W / Berkeley, CA )

    A walk along the beach as the waves lap at our feet, a picnic in the sand watching the waves crashing into the rocks, cuddled under a blanket by a fire getting warm and cozy, talking until the sun goes down sharing a bot  more>>

  • HarmonicaPlayer ( 22 / M / Minnetonka, MN )

    Anything that allows us to have fun and enjoy our selves and do something that we both like to do.

  • jonnyhasbbwvibez ( 26 / M / Palm Coast, FL )

    A walk & talk on the beach with some drinks.