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  • View author's info ( 34 / W / Ravenna, OH )

    I haven't been on a date in forever. That being said, I'd be down for dinner, a movie, a picnic, mini-golfing, bowling... pretty much anything. As long as the company is good, I'm not picky.

  • View author's info ( 60 / W / Santa Ana, CA )

    Sit at beach and talk watch the waves and people. Then maybe lunch dinner.

  • View author's info ( 57 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Well since im such a big life lover just a great date anywhere would work. Its all about the chemistry!..lets get out there and laugh our ass off!..if its good we will both kno!

  • View author's info ( 48 / M / Brunswick, GA )

    A candle lit midnight picnic on the beach

  • View author's info ( 49 / M / Oakland, CA )

    Club. but if you ask what I do and you are ok with that...then there is even a better first date that so far ALWAYS work.

  • View author's info ( 26 / W / Seattle, WA )

    give her massages,run my hands through her hair,french kiss her ,slowly strip her,have steamy s**,make her fully mine and keep everything i take off of her and wear it too always smell and tast like her always.

  • View author's info ( 27 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    The perfect date is not about the food or location. Is about who you're with being with someone who gets you thats the perfect date

  • View author's info ( 68 / W / Wildomar, CA )

    Something casual..please..a place where we can feel comfortable getting to know one another...and I'm open to friends as well.

  • View author's info ( 27 / M / Port Orchard, WA )

    I would say that I am... An accomplished chef. Wouldn't want to brag. =p. That being said... You ask... I will prepare it for you. x3 Lot of fun to be had in the kitchen, hehe. ~^_^~ Being into what I am... Well just inq...  read more >>

  • View author's info ( 40 / W / Reseda, CA )

    Im a bit odd, this will have to be discussed

  • View author's info ( 35 / W / Chattanooga, TN )

    I am open to suggestions. I would like a first date to be fun, but not a loud bar. The whole point is to get to know one another.

  • View author's info ( 23 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    we can just talk about it :)

  • View author's info ( 51 / W / Georgetown, IN )

    We could go out to dinner, drinks, coffee, take a walk in a park, go to a museum or art gallery or whatever. It all depends on what we decide we'd like to do.

  • View author's info ( 64 / W / Hornell, NY )

    It all depends on the two of us and what would suit us both. A planned picnic could fall on a rainy day so what then? A museum. A coffee? SPONTANEOUS!!!

  • View author's info ( 45 / M / Roswell, NM )

    Maybe a short camping trip in the nearby mountains or a morning walk through the desert