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  • MrInductance ( 41M / Memphis, TN )


    A nice meet and greet would be nice... A couple of drinks and some good convo... Then... Who knows???

  • cdbella2 ( 40F / Wichita, KS )


    Meeting up either for coffee or cocktails. Getting to know each other . Even walk In the park would nice.

  • maxi76 ( 38F / Banbury, England - Oxfordshire )


    Get to know each other over drinks x

  • Lauren55 ( 30F / Bellville, TX )


    Movie, dinner, drinks, or just talking. Anything where I don't have to pick! Lol

  • dianajames55 ( 35F / Detroit, MI )


    I really loving drinking coffee,it's fantasy to have a drink with him.

  • miaou132 ( 39F / Phoenix, AZ )

    +0 can be a quick hello and goodbye or turn in to a long evening of talking and laughing.

  • keepit_tasteful ( 35F / Sterling Heights, MI )


    Public.not to.much somthing.simple like dinner

  • danadee ( 29F / Staten Island, NY )


    1st dates suck...we all know this. What it should be called would be a meet up. And should be broken in 3 parts that's gives you two out if a date is bad. We have all been on bad 1st dates hence why we are here. The 1st  Weiter>>

  • jake_09 ( 25M / Pinner, England - London )


    A nice date. Somewhere half way. A nice bar or restaurant. Lovely music. Good atmosphere. Positivity.

  • omar6969 ( 32M / Maywood, CA )


    Couple of drinks and getting to no each other..

  • conejojedi ( 45M / Portland, OR )


    I'm open to a first date. We can't meet for coffee in the morning or drinks in the evening.

  • Desi_Diva ( 36F / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )


    Anywhere cosy where we can get to know each other over a glass of wine.

  • saucysweet ( 27F / Bremerton, WA )


    I'm usually up for almost anything. However, I do like the idea of a man who can plan something for us to do. I would be most happy going to karaoke. That's probably the best way to get a glimpse of what I'm really like.

  • deanp1983 ( 31M / Basildon, England - Essex )


    just to go out and get to know each other

  • greenpete ( 32M / Luray, VA )


    Just go out and have fun !!!! And get to no each other