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  • Knight2k16 ( 36 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    I'm an outdoor/ view person which means I have ideas at random

  • PrettyBrains41 ( 43 / W / Hazel Park, MI )

    How about we meet at a public place and talk. If we like each other; maybe more....

  • 777Alastair ( 30 / M / Dallas, GA )

    Love is in the air

  • cmeindfw ( 46 / W / Bluff Dale, TX )

    Take me to a restaurant that has decent Vegan menu options and then teach me to shoot! I've always wanted to learn to shoot a handgun; so if dinner went well, let's go to a gun range after!

  • BubblyBec ( 60 / W / Greenbank, Queensland )

    Seems the beaches are overcrowded with everyone walking on them! Hmmmm what about a dinner cruise? Or a picnic lunch by a waterfall? Or a comedy club for a lot of laughs? Or drive to a scenic lookout, admire the views an...  read more >>

  • Jahshaun ( 27 / M / Kingston, Saint Andrew )

    We shld go 2 a candle light dinner for n ster in ur beautiful eyes n whisper sweet romantic word 2 u while the candle burns slowly

  • brainchuck5 ( 47 / M / Bourne, England - Lincolnshire )

    What ever they wish to do within reason

  • DividedSkies ( 34 / W / Ravenna, OH )

    I haven't been on a date in forever. That being said, I'd be down for dinner, a movie, a picnic, mini-golfing, bowling... pretty much anything. As long as the company is good, I'm not picky.

  • Jeanette2004 ( 60 / W / Santa Ana, CA )

    Sit at beach and talk watch the waves and people. Then maybe lunch dinner.

  • Goodhands4u ( 57 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Well since im such a big life lover just a great date anywhere would work. Its all about the chemistry!..lets get out there and laugh our ass off!..if its good we will both kno!

  • BillyBiggs ( 48 / M / Brunswick, GA )

    A candle lit midnight picnic on the beach

  • lucabridgman ( 49 / M / Oakland, CA )

    Club. but if you ask what I do and you are ok with that...then there is even a better first date that so far ALWAYS work.

  • halfpint22 ( 26 / W / Seattle, WA )

    give her massages,run my hands through her hair,french kiss her ,slowly strip her,have steamy s**,make her fully mine and keep everything i take off of her and wear it too always smell and tast like her always.

  • Juls25 ( 27 / W / Hollywood, FL )

    The perfect date is not about the food or location. Is about who you're with being with someone who gets you thats the perfect date

  • OnlyAngel ( 67 / W / Wildomar, CA )

    Something casual..please..a place where we can feel comfortable getting to know one another...and I'm open to friends as well.