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Dates, die einen Unterschied machen

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Essen und Trinken
Romantisches Abendessen (206)
Abendessen (2943)
Café (2325)
Kulinarisches Abendteuer (228)
Brunch (163)
Trinken (1589)
Süßigkeiten (120)
Mittagessen (875)
Unterhaltung und Kulture
Live Musik / Concerts (316)
Lesungen (5)
Museen und Galerien (211)
Künste und Handwerk (25)
Tanzen (120)
Kinofilm (1009)
Sporting Events (122)
Darstellende Künste (76)
Besichtigung (252)
Sport treiben / Spielen (97)
Shopping (37)
Verschiedene Aktivitäten am Tage (586)
Wandern (345)
Haustiere (33)
Verschiedene Nachtaktivitäten (810)
Dates, die einen Unterschied machen (669)
Spirituell (33)
Nette Treffen (18)
Nur kategorisiert werden
Nur kategorisiert werden (2956)
Dates, die einen Unterschied machen Treten Sie jetzt bei und teilen Sie Ihre Erstes-Date-Vorschläge
Something that allows two people to talk, openly and comfortably, without having...
Dining out, movies, coffee, gun range, go for desert
Restaurant for a nice meal and a good chat to get to know one another, picnic in...
Suprise me , make me laugh, make me wonder what your next move will be, i think...
Meet for coffee and see if we have chemistry
Um a romantic guy all the way so i can make a date out of a cardboard box n news...
Hang out somewhere quiet so we can talk and get to know one another. Don't forge...
Very imaginative, intriguing but yet quite simple and relaxed with nice energy.
Sorry it's a surprise...keep on guessing...!
Everbody loves mocies so thats why its a good date idea.
Exploring nature on a walk or hike through the woods, on a trail or at a park.
Dinner a walk on the beach. Anything where we can talk and get to know each oth...
Going to go watch a movie early in the day, then go to lunch or dinner.. go to a...
Having fun getting to know each other..i am not hard to please
Dinner n a movie gotta have that!