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Brunch Treten Sie jetzt bei und teilen Sie Ihre Erstes-Date-Vorschläge
a first date as in blind date... In summer time i like to have a pic-nic in t...
Dinner of course, don't all first dates usually start with dinner?
dinner and maybe a movie,maybe a long walk or a cup of cofee.take your pick.
A first date should be in a nice comfortable public place were both people can g...
going out for move an lunch talking walking get may be riding to know each other...
My 1st ideal date would be for a wonderful picnic, I love cooking and would prep...
go for a ride, have a snack in a quiet area where we can talk and see what happe...
Meeting at the beach. With the weather turning so crisp.... I think sitting on a...
Simple, nice movie ,dinner, walk around city just getting to know one another
mii first date idea...nice restaurant, preferably chinese...maybe candle lit din...
I think my idea first date would be to meet for lunch, and go to the movies or j...
A nice dinner then a stroll through the park
My first date would be a lovely quiet dinner and a chat.. to get to know each ot...
eating drinking dancing many places here to go
we could do very little or a whole lot. It just depends on the understanding we ...