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A trip to the theatre followed by a quiet meal.At least if we have nothing to ch...
It could be something simple as coffee to a crazy visit to Disneyland. Whatever ...
First Dates are cool and a way to end or begin a new relationship. I prefer to h...
It would be so nice too meet a new best friend.
Just getting together at a comfortable place. Talking and finding out more about...
A nice "getting to know you" dinner would be nice - maybe after going and seeing...
Perhaps something light and easy. Dinner and perhaps a live performance of some ...
Going out for coffee or just a stroll...talking and getting to know one another
My first date would be to go out to a restaurant and then a small bar so that we...
Fun. A first date should be about having fun. If my date and I share a similar ...
start with a romatice candle light dinner then a broadwaqy play followed by a wa...
My idea of a casual first date would be take place first in a casual scene where...
Perhaps a meal in a nice restaurant!
Any place where the energy is good - artful, creative, awe inspiring
I am old fashioned and you will have to surprise me -- FYI, a movie is not a go...