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  • Keefer75 ( 39M / Crowley, TX )


    I'd like to go out to eat, museums, movies, parks, pretty much anything.

  • kervine ( 24F / Albany, NY )


    My ideas of a first date are , Art gallery , seeing a show , walk in the park , basically outside and something active lol

  • gnjoshua ( 35M / Roscoe, IL )


    My first date would be to pick you up in the morning go for a cruise, breakfast, and hit the city for eventfull day and night! Or just low key it..

  • Daniella2000 ( 42F / Las Vegas, NV )


    Hot and sweaty at my house or yours.

  • PinkAngelM ( 44F / Denver, CO )


    I've never been on a date but I've always thought going to the zoo or museum might be nice. :)

  • Lionoo ( 45M / Oxon Hill, MD )


    I would love to take a nice long walk and watch the stars with that special one.

  • orighis76 ( 38F / Dearborn Heights, MI )


    A nights at greenfield center....I guess it depends on a few different things.

  • Ditzydoodle43 ( 60F / Witney, England - Oxfordshire )


    To meet for Coffee or lunch have a chilled time viewing a Gallery or Museum or place of Historical interest

  • philpriest ( 47M / Carrollton, TX )


    Coffee and then to an Art Museum

  • Waffleman ( 26M / Dublin, Dublin )


    spend some time at a spot where we can get to know each other better, like a gallery/museum/beach or attraction like the zoo and then get something to eat after.

  • King_Anubis ( 37M / East Saint Louis, IL )


    Bowling, pool, then maybe a nice quiet dinner where we can get to know each other better, then ice cream for dessert! Love ice cream!

  • RoShie ( 39F / Houston, TX )


    Surprise me. I like a good action movie, or strolling through an art museum. Nothing too sweaty like hiking on a first date, but bowling or going to a shooting range rank high on my list of awesome first dates.

  • Shell56 ( 58F / Palm Bay, FL )


    Walk on the beach or in the Mall

  • AmyCCC ( 20F / Washington, DC )


    I would be down for most things, but I'd really love going to a museum. Whether it would be the Smithsonian, the Newseum, or the Spy Museum! I think you could get to know a lot about a person based on what they find inte  Weiter>>

  • Bronxbeauty2000 ( 32F / Bronx, NY )


    Conversation over coffee, sitting in the park, a museum, just somewhere we can sit and get to know each other. Oh... I've always wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory. Lol.