Fun Date Ideas

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  • Elsuarez714 ( 31 / M / Santa Ana, CA )

    We would have dinner at a nice restaurant. Then go to watch a movie. Maybe hit the beach and walk. Then after take it to my place

  • AnthonyHood60 ( 30 / M / Fort Worth, TX )

    Movies, Bowling, Club, OUT To Eat, Play Video Games,

  • 123dewany ( 22 / M / Shreveport, LA )

    We can go to the movie then out to eat thehen go on walks and just talk and get to know each other

  • SomethingNew_ ( 26 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    Something funny but classy.maybe go out to eat but also to a horror movie or sky zone or bowling. Somewhere where i can be comfortable. Maybe a art festival.

  • Katiefrances ( 23 / W / Australia )

    My first date could be meeting up for dinner or going to the cinema. I love movies so taking me to see a new release in the cinema is a perfect way to get my attention.

  • bigbear690 ( 55 / M / Billings, MT )

    I would leave the first date up to you what you would like to do

  • Ericaj43 ( 45 / W / Chicago, IL )

    My first date idea is dinner and a movie.

  • Personatalie318 ( 22 / W / Muncie, IN )

    I don't see what's so taboo about a movie and dinner. I think it's perfect for getting over the initial awkwardness lol. Plus a movie would give us something to talk about other than our five year plans haha

  • mikeross38 ( 30 / M / Las Vegas, NV )

    Something fun and chill at the same damn time lol with a bite to eat and some convo to go and we will see where it goes from there.

  • Scott197041 ( 37 / M / Anderson, SC )

    Walk, hold hands, talk movies dinner

  • BeccaJM ( 30 / W / Aberdeen, Scotland - Aberdeenshire )

    Something different Perhaps laser tag or paintball ! Although I do like the cinema but would like to have the chance of talking before or after

  • SugaFoots ( 37 / M / Mount Vernon, NY )

    I'd say out to eat and then a movie if possibl. You tell me...🌷🍹

  • Kieransexysmith ( 37 / W / Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire )

    I want to be in bed with her and fuck her brains out

  • dannysofresh ( 32 / M / Salinas, CA )

    I'm super random so I couldn't answer this honestly I guess ima say taco truck and the library after hahaha

  • Jazzzinan ( 25 / W / San Jose, CA )

    Movies, hookah lounge maybe dinner. Anything is fine with me