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Nur kategorisiert werden
Nur kategorisiert werden (2949)
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Dinner and a walk through a park. Something that I can get to meet you and know ...
Lets go rescue some strays and feed the homeless :D I don't really date much, b...
Usually somewhere for dinner n a movie or just coffee
I know people say it's not a good date but maybe dinner and a movie. I do like t...
I'm really shy but once I open up and feel comfortably I'm pretty open to anythi...
Surprise me :) but tell me where were going lol
Just a movie date, Walk by the beach, Looking at the stars, Than drive around...
--von ZataDinie (22F/Singapore, Australian Capital Territory) Senden Sie eine Nachricht Der Vorschlag gefällt mir
Anything sounds good to me as long as I'm with you
Find out what the craziest thing you've ever done, the yell "now let's beat it!!...
Okay I'm pretty bad at meeting pple sober and I don't like awkwardness so what I...
Me, you and a place... That's all I got so far.
Im up for anything really so long as its fun, creative or adventurous
Not sure how to answer this to be honest I have never been on a real date
Anything really. We could go out, we could stay in. You could come over, I could...
I think a first date should be something the other person is interested in to sh...