First Date Ideas

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  • Elizabeth4U ( 23 / W / Montgomery, AL )

    I really do not have an idea of a perfect first date. As long as we are getting to know each other and both having a good time, anything could happen.

  • atrophiedsoul ( 37 / M / Fort Myers, FL )

    Who knows! Lol really who plans these things with no thought given as to what a person would like?

  • asus22 ( 26 / M / White Lake, MI )

    Will Just Have See Where The Night Takes Us

  • EmilySparkles ( 29 / W / Louisville, KY )

    I like the normal dinner and a movie or something random like night fishing lol

  • Krystal1984 ( 31 / W / Rosanky, TX )

    a quiet dinner where we could talk and get to know one another. have a few drinks. everyone says go to the movies, but i feel that since you can't talk in the movies it's not worth the expense.