Random Nighttime Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • Darkenedlover ( 27M / Newcastle, New South Wales )


    First date idea, something nice. A midnight walk along the beach, a quiet night drive. Something where we can talk and get to know one another.

  • CitrusCutie ( 45W / Floral City, FL )


    A nice coffee house or a walk on the beach during sunset. A place where we can actually see and hear each other speak while we get to know one another.

  • freebandz814 ( 31M / Townsend, GA )


    Whatever that special someone wants to do.

  • CRC5195 ( 26M / Gas City, IN )


    Really its all about having fun and getting to know eachother....I dont really have a specific guidline for 1st Dates, it can really be anything as long as we are having a good time!

  • iwantmydaddy ( 45W / Saint Paul, MN )


    Well we could go to your house and sit around and talk and get to know each bother better