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  • Xheartbreakerx ( 29F / Yakima, WA )


    I really like random dates like sitting in the park and eating a burger something like that just as long as its not dinner and a movie lol

  • MACHone ( 27M / Pasadena, MD )


    I like spending money... but I don't have a whole lot of it. Actually, that's not entirely true, it's just that $800-a-month bill and loan payments kinda consume most of my free cash. That being said, I like to go to the  Weiter>>

  • AwwCuddly ( 28M / Fort Collins, CO )


    Well Movies are out of the question! How can you meet someone staring at a movie! I am more of a Ice cream/picnic in the park... maybe a chill outdoor concert... or a hike? Something that stimulates conversation

  • Spanky692001 ( 51M / Boise, ID )


    A casual stroll through the zoo, then maybe lunch in a car...

  • Blackberryjuice ( 52M / Sacramento, CA )


    Walkin an talkin in a park for a start