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  • alintak ( 47M / Snellville, GA )


    Coffee house, simple place - Waffle House type - or if youre into this, can do recreational activity like going to sporting events or bowling or something like that.

  • immissunderstood ( 42F / Palm Bay, FL )


    Id love taking a day trip to Old Town in Kissimmee Florida walking threw the shops getting to know eachother during lunch and once the evening the car show and end with a few cocktails over dinner.

  • LoliJay ( 22F / Clinton, MD )


    A simple movie and dinner would do. I'm not really in to the whole spectacular, magical stuff. Maybe a trip to downtown for sight seeing? or even just relaxing in a park, talking and laughing.

  • Chubby31 ( 35M / Kenner, LA )


    I will ask the lady three things she likes to do an I pick her favorite thing to do if the women is happy I'm happy:-)

  • skimanrr ( 48M / Constantine, MI )


    A first date should be public. Not necessarily food but at least coffee A walk in the park or a mall.