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  • HarleeHD ( 45F / Oakey, Queensland )


    Pub, gig, anywhere with good music...

  • vader654321 ( 22M / Bothell, WA )


    H!mmm kinda depends on the Pearson I'm gaMe for what ever ha

  • staci_is_she ( 24F / Villa Rica, GA )


    Something a little more interesting than the usual dinner and a movie. Really? How do you get to know someone while a movie is playing? Maybe Something casual like drinks and a spontaneous trip to Mexico...

  • BOODYCAT2000 ( 57F / Dunstable, England - Bedfordshire )


    How can I say what would be an ideal date until I have met someone I would like to meet and we have decided not just me.

  • missmikayluhhh ( 19F / Murfreesboro, TN )


    Wherever the heck you wanna take me (: