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  • shelleyapp ( 45F / Leeds, England - West Yorkshire )


    my ideal first date would be to meet for a coffee or a drink in a nice quiet bar where we can actually hear each other speak and have a conversation

  • brendles ( 21M / Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland )


    Just to have fun and see if we click and just to get to know each other

  • raihan ( 23M / Italien )


    Hmmm I don't know how she will I want a loyful and positive one.thanks

  • Sharstone ( 39F / Whitecap, SK )


    Either a phone call,texting,then make plans for coffee,then or drinks,get to know more about each other,talking and hanging out.

  • jsmoov86 ( 28M / Cathedral City, CA )


    Drinks or food to chat and get to know eachother