First Date Ideas

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  • Harley_Quinn1789 ( 28 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    A good first date is somewhere you can both relax. Maybe a drink at the pub. Something that takes the edge off and makes it a little less intimidating. First dates are a lot like job interviews.

  • squirtfet ( 40 / M / Long Beach, CA )

    Drinks and good conversation in an environment that allows us to gain a better understanding of each other

  • micha12 ( 36 / M / Omaha, NE )

    Meet for a beer have some solid conversation. Watch a football game only college of course.

  • pixie1975 ( 42 / W / South Africa )

    First date wow lolol i would say skydiving lol then we woyldnt need to talk but im very scared of heights lolol. so a guess a nice dinner and just really a place to get to know each other. Maybe over a bottle or 2 of teq...  read more >>

  • richhd ( 41 / M / Kansas City, MO )

    Go out to eat and have a few drinks. See where things go. Maybe go for a walk or to a movie.