First Date Ideas

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  • Femtastic ( 37 / W / Providence, RI )

    Anything that allows us to talk and get to know one another

  • True4ever ( 37 / W / Sandy, UT )

    My idea would be something simple, like... getting a pizza with some drinks, and some great conversation :) Then maybe after, we could hit the arcade, or even a game of pool, and have some fun getting to know each other...  read more >>

  • IrishEyes68 ( 48 / W / Fayetteville, OH )

    Someplace we can talk, someplace public, but maybe with some ambiance.

  • Pinkiepie ( 36 / W / Apple Valley, CA )

    Its no so much the place as its getting through the awkwardness, to get to know each other and just having fun!

  • mzp1969 ( 48 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    Ideal 1st date.. sumthing outside.. Lunch r Dinner n garden r stretside cafe.. with lots of communitcation.. Focus on the each other. finding out all of the interest.. mayb followed b walk thru downtown r thru the loop...  read more >>