First Date Ideas

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  • DDMariana ( 54 / W / Vacaville, CA )

    Love intimate little places, maybe in the city. Or anywhere we can hear ourselves talk and enjoy good food. I'm not much of a drinker, so not a bar. Walking afterwards, or going for a coffee would be great. I don't want...  read more >>

  • dannyj223 ( 35 / M / Plainview, TX )

    Out to eat then to the movies and the to my house for some cuddling

  • mauriceBanks ( 44 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    Lunch for we can talk have time to share our minds with each other's

  • islanderpride671 ( 37 / M / Guam )

    Watch a movie, dinner, walk in the beach.

  • photo61 ( 55 / M / Regina, SK )

    I to go out for coffee or just go for a walk or we can go out for dinner