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  • username2013 ( 22M / Sydney, New South Wales )


    maybe just meeting up somewhere and going from there

  • Jessica087 ( 27F / Port Saint Lucie, FL )


    I think it would be fun to try something neither of us have done before together.

  • xdxviousx ( 23F / Statesboro, GA )


    My ideal first date would be to spend an entire evening together, starting with the classic "dinner and a movie". Then we could get some drinks while we chat, followed by a walk on the beach by moonlight.

  • hahn92 ( 27M / Helena, MT )


    nothing emotionally serious but "bedrock" fun

  • bigray10082 ( 25M / Kalamazoo, MI )


    a good first date would be going out to bowl a couple games or a movie night would be nice

  • Darkangel1978 ( 37M / Tinley Park, IL )


    A nice drive in the country to look at the stars...

  • Cherrys37 ( 44F / Homestead, FL )


    My idea for a first date would be something surprising and romantic(emphasis on the romantic), maybe a picnic at a winery under the stars, a moon lite boat ride. I'm not one for planning, I like to do things spontaneous  Weiter>>

  • Whit86 ( 28F / Laguna Beach, CA )


    I like the idea of dinner at some small Thai place and then just walking dinner off around town. I like a bit of creativity but not breaking the law.

  • BBWPDX39 ( 42F / Portland, OR )


    2 beable 2 talk and get 2 know each others likes dislikes hobbies fav music movies shows foods what we do and dont want in someone that where trying 2 get 2 know and where ever it ends up as is cool

  • kanekiza ( 27F / San Antonio, TX )


    Talk over drinks and a stroll through the city.

  • lytebabygurl ( 23F / Greenville, NC )


    We could go somewhere fun...or somewhere quiet so we can talk and get to know each other better.

  • totallytodd ( 50M / Wausau, WI )


    Meet somewhere fun and roomy, maybe have a cocktail or two then some good conversation, then off we go !

  • forerunner54 ( 42M / Largo, FL )


    My idea of a first date would be for us to both deside

  • Guynextdoor103 ( 34F / New York, NY )


    Somewhere where we can talk,eat,and drink and whatever happens after that

  • amandajones ( 27F / Cayce, SC )


    I'm a simple girl. I'm cool with a fancy date, but I'd prefer...a bonfire, grill, case of beer, and good conversation.