First Date Ideas

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  • ibsam929 ( 45 / W / Toledo, OH )

    First dates are so up in the air... it really depends on what things we have in common... the weather... the time of day... the time of year... meeting for a drink is always okay with me... keeps in simple and open for c  more>>

  • TymarW ( 22 / M / Lakeland, FL )

    first date ideas idk Im a random type of person when it comes to the dates so it depends on how I feel

  • Lala929 ( 28 / W / Kansas City, MO )

    A picnic at the park, dinner and a movie, laser tag.

  • BBAnimalLoverW ( 36 / W / Ipswich, Queensland )

    I would love my first date to flow with ease and honesty and a lovely feeling about it...

  • Cjmoore14 ( 29 / W / Alliance, OH )

    My first date would be something fun and active like bowling or going to the zoo then maybe lunch or something. Dinner is great but I want to see someone in action!

  • Ccladylost ( 59 / W / Memphis, TN )

    somewhere you can talk and get to know each other...walk in the park....picnic....

  • stlbiggirl ( 41 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    Something that allows us to talk and focus on each other

  • STKMetal ( 25 / M / Salt Lake City, UT )

    We meet and do something fun and get to know one a other

  • watchitblaze ( 27 / M / Mary Esther, FL )

    I would love to do something fun and energetic, like going on a run or kayaking on the river... and then get dressed up and hit the town! I love the combination of the natural and the social!

  • sherrilynn71 ( 44 / W / West Mifflin, PA )

    Just to be able to spend some quiet time together getting to know each other

  • WillaV ( 47 / W / Portland, OR )

    Lunch at the pub and an afternoon at the dog park? A walk through Saturday Market and a fresh gyro? Something casual and fun with opportunity to talk.

  • Jolenar ( 37 / W / Rockingham, NC )

    Some people would say "dinner and a movie". I'm up for that. Its quiet, and very calming, so that both people could be comfortable and relaxed. And, it kinda helps to be captivated by movie if things aren't goi  more>>

  • lilymyoneandonly ( 34 / W / Northumberland, PA )

    I'd love to have dinner somewhere and then grab coffee and head to a park where we could sit and talk.

  • goody2shoesgirly ( 40 / W / Highland, CA )

    few drinks stroll thru a park,beach or mall

  • katetee ( 31 / W / Melbourne, Victoria )

    something fun and relaxing where you can get to know each without any pressure