First Date Ideas

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  • Garystephen ( 29 / M / United Kingdom )

    Going to a restaurant, maybe a few drinks

  • Giggles6380 ( 35 / W / Henderson, TX )

    I am pretty much up to whatever except for two things. I don't like to go to the movies on the first date cause we can't talk and get to know each other. I also don't put out on first date, maybe 2nd but not on the first  more>>

  • Macevedo20 ( 30 / W / San Fernando, CA )

    I like going to the movies and having drinks at a local bar. I love long road trips and star gazing.

  • ilovebbws37 ( 37 / M / Peterborough, ON )

    I'm good taking you for dinner and movie or bar right down to cuddling up with a blanket and a good movie on the couch

  • Happyhell ( 36 / M / Roxbury, NY )

    Wants to go to a club or romantic dinner with a dance floor. Something nice to cherish the rest of your life!

  • Leanie ( 43 / W / Donaldsonville, LA )

    Dinner, drinks, talking, getting to know each other, maybe a moonlight walk. Start there and follow the mood!!

  • 4onlyyou ( 33 / M / Bellflower, CA )

    Hummmm.. I have many idea's.. But i love the element of surprise so i will keep them to my self.. Lol

  • MsRedd1 ( 30 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    I believe a guy plans the first date..leave it up to my imagination.... I love surprises!!!

  • ahawt1 ( 19 / W / Texas City, TX )

    Anywhere I can have fun or anywhere that can make me laugh. Dinner and a movie is great. And I also think go carts and arcade games is a great first date too.

  • Bigl88 ( 25 / M / North Augusta, SC )

    Il plan this out once I know what she likes as well

  • d78666 ( 53 / W / San Marcos, TX )

    Once we chat we can decide that together.

  • seekslikemind ( 45 / M / Petaluma, CA )

    No photos posted because I work for a large organization and I don't need everybody knowing my business. But can send photos if you would like to see some.

  • MommyMolly ( 24 / W / Townville, SC )

    Meet up at a park or something, sit and talk for a bit. Maybe a picnic, then go for a horseback ride or go see a concert.

  • quinnmarie ( 20 / W / Ames, IA )

    I'm open to anything! If a date comes up with something crazy, but original, I would definitely go for it! But as a backup, Netflix, food, or an adventure outside are always good choices.

  • rainwalker ( 42 / W / Seattle, WA )

    Hmm, I'm new to this friends first