First Date Ideas

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  • shiva7 ( 60 / W / Independence, MO )

    Coffee, maybe a stroll. Sitting together and talking somewhere quiet where we can take the time to see if we feel good together.

  • thefreshprincess ( 29 / W / Reading, England - Berkshire )

    With the right person I think you can have fun anywhere!

  • likenmthick ( 37 / M / Childress, TX )

    Cruisin round in my mustang with good music a cold beer and lettin the evenin plan itself

  • vonicbro ( 25 / W / Glendale, AZ )

    Could be anything. Chill at a park, go to lunch or drinks, some place we can get to know each other.

  • Mslynn1995 ( 21 / W / Sulphur, LA )

    I'm not a hard person to please. So I would be happy with anything you choose as our first date!

  • JadeyLee ( 35 / W / London, KY )

    Depends on what we both like. Until that's known I have no idea

  • LoverLee63 ( 53 / W / Collins, NY )

    Picnic at sunset, playing cards and chatting, sharing an ice cream sundae, walking thru a museum, rooting for the hometown team at a sporting event, playing putt putt. Doesn't matter what or where. The most important thi...  read more>>

  • ladylover1979 ( 36 / M / Lawrenceburg, TN )

    Spontaneouity is the spice of life why cant we just stary out with know exact destination and let our instincts lead us thats how my most of my better dates went.

  • squeezebox ( 23 / M / Church Point, LA )

    Amything really. It could be dinner in a movie, Lunch at the park, or whatever the lady wants..

  • keithross76 ( 40 / M / San Diego, CA )

    I have a lot ideas it depends on what you're up for.

  • herantidrug ( 28 / M / Houston, TX )

    Dinner and thennsomethinf fun. Go carts? Amusement park? I love adrinaline rushes

  • minindsendelse ( 19 / W / Hammond, IN )

    Idk about a first date but Im a big kid at heart. My ideal date would be a big fort built at his or her house or at my house( they would have to build it because I suck at it) and just watching movies all night and just...  read more>>

  • davis2425 ( 22 / M / Davis, CA )

    Maybe a picnic under the stars or a pajama movie day depending on how fancy or not you want it ;D

  • UTgirl ( 49 / W / Franklin, TN )

    Dinner or drinks, somewhere public!!

  • dessiegurl ( 19 / W / Braggs, OK )

    I would like to be taken out to a little coffee shop, then to a book store to look through books and vinyls.