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  • Plussizediva89 ( 25W / Dallas, NC )


    Going to a cafe or lounge, eating somewhere we never been, attending a poetry cafe, going to the park and enjoying each others company.

  • buttamilk45 ( 49W / Clearwater, FL )


    I would like to walk on the beach , and have a candlelight dinner outside.

  • sherman2001 ( 50M / Emory, TX )


    A long walk on a beach and then a pick nick also on the beach watching the sunset together in each others arms arms

  • Dave1958 ( 57M / San Diego, CA )


    Meet at a location of your choice, have a drink, coffee, or tea, and get to know each other.

  • Drego11 ( 34M / San Antonio, TX )


    Not to be stereotypical, but a nice dinner with a walk in a park. Call me old fashioned.

  • Jaden33 ( 36M / South Africa )


    a picnic amidst the dust rings of Saturn wud be good - in reality, a movie to break any barriers and then drinks to break any ice.

  • jigglesgaggles ( 50W / Cork, Kilkenny )


    Would love a candle lit dinner at Fiacri House Restaurant...or a coffee at a cosy coffee shop...chatting laughing about silly things...Visiting Abbeys..heritage places...walks on the beach yes...and just watching the sun  more>>

  • sweetJason76179 ( 36M / Fort Worth, TX )


    A first date is a mechanism in which two people should take the opportunity to get to know each other. I'm pretty open and like to be spontaneous. I can make decisions as to where it shall be if my date wants me to do so  more>>

  • festivesweety ( 31W / Franklin, IN )


    I'm open on this, but it must be in public. It's safer that way, so please don't ask or expect me to go to your house or you coming to mine on the first date :)

  • Lmason831 ( 34M / Salinas, CA )


    some were nice were we can see the clear sky and tha brite stars.a place we me and that special person only matters

  • MiChi_elle ( 44W / Stayton, OR )


    I think first dates are full of questions for each other. Laughing and getting to know one another in an intimate setting. A small quiet cafe somewhere. No expectations...To see if there is chemistry there.

  • ronnie852000 ( 29M / Mobile, AL )


    Anyplace we can really get to know each other

  • kwdriver1961 ( 54M / Hartford, SD )


    anyplace that is comfortable for the woman is fine with me , i need for her to be comfortable to make it a stress free enjoyable experience with someone she has never seen and is coming to know , not a place witha lot of  more>>

  • djbigblack28 ( 32M / Newport News, VA )


    Home cooked dinner a good movie and talk one on one get to know you conversation

  • finema43 ( 21W / Santa Rosa, CA )


    my first date idea is just simple typical date. dinner, a movie, or talking a walk and getting to know the person better. to me where i have a date doesnt really matter what matters id the person im on it with but it wou  more>>