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  • Trvlgirl ( 44F / Rochester, NY )


    Any where we can relax and talk without screaming over one another. Coffee & desert is nice, lunch or dinner is fine to..

  • angels2656 ( 58F / Rancho Mirage, CA )


    I'm not sure what I would like for a first date, perhaps meeting at the beach for lunch or a stroll., or simply sitting poolside enjoying each other's company. I'm not picky at all and would really love to be surprised b  Weiter>>

  • RyanH0687 ( 27M / Grand Prairie, TX )


    My first date idea, would be just something simple like a dinner and a movie, or just a movie, or whatever im not very hard too please.

  • happyinatl ( 50F / Atlanta, GA )


    Let's keep it casual- a coffee house, restaurant, art exhibit, etc...anywhere we can chat and get to know each other!

  • SweetStuff2011 ( 45F / Oakland, CA )


    Meeting in a coffee shop first to see if we have chemistry. If so, we can decide to do whatever comes to mind while having a great conversation.

  • Diamond14 ( 43F / Hamilton, GA )


    It would have to be someplace where we would both feel at ease and comfortable. First dates are hard enough without the place or event making it worse. I would have to go with a picnic in the park. Followed by a walk if  Weiter>>

  • MSyck1 ( 31M / San Jose, CA )


    1st Date @ Some Point There Will Be Meal Plans Bt For The Most Part I Make It A Point To Be Spontaneous.

  • Krazykute ( 42F / Anjou, QC )


    A walk in the park, coffee, ice cream, casual dinner

  • Katerina2000 ( 38F / Worcester, England - Worcestershire )


    Meet for coffee and see if there is any connection and then we can go from there

  • MoonEarthGoddess ( 43F / Beaverton, OR )


    I prefer coffee dates so we can test the waters. But after that, I love movies or finding community events to attend. Or, there's always the staying in, watching a DVD, and cooking. :)

  • morningdawn ( 28F / Logan, UT )


    I think a fun first date would be to go on a picnic up a local canyon, maybe feed the ducks. Then just go for a ride around town and just talk, then end up at a park, star gazing. I love the simple things. :)

  • sharonlee ( 46F / Richmond, VA )


    around a crowd or people, just sit and talk about common things, and see what they look for in the future, not a place where there is drinking alcohol/ or drugs, and must love kids and animals,

  • Roisin ( 21F / Poole, England - Dorset )


    Exploring nature, maybe a nice forest, or field, and see how everything to do with life is, lots of fun, frolocking in the bushes maybe after.

  • MissGemini76 ( 38F / Granada Hills, CA )


    My ideal first date is meeting for breakfast, sightseeing (even in our hometown) and really getting to know each other.

  • azdiane7919 ( 56F / Peoria, AZ )


    first date about a night out at west gate in glendale, its beautiful there, and i just love people