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  • baps6194 (41F/Moline, IL)


    Maybe just a walk on the river

  • queenlover (30M/Winston Salem, NC)


    How about we have a candlelight dinner and then take a nice walk on the beach. Or just grab a bite to eat , music.

  • jazz1100 (28M/Bristol, CT)


    A trip to McDonalds XD maybe we could get a few big macs .

  • cakedogam (22M/El Paso, TX)


    Something simple, such as a nice romantic Italian restaurant. Or If you are not into espaghetti there is the casual cafe with cake option.

  • panzermann208 (23M/Pascagoula, MS)


    go grab some lunch, pick her up at her place or meet her. find something fun to do afterwards, mall, crash on the couch and play games or watch tv mayhaps.

  • lovesbustybbws (61M/Lufkin, TX)


    Meet either at a cafe or restaurant for lunch. I bring you a red rose after corresponding over internet, phone, while we talk and get to know each other. After lunch date, hopefully get a big hug from you with sparks fly  Weiter>>

  • Jose007 (22M/Celina, TX)


    I think the first date should be something simple, either over coffee or lunch. It should be a nice and quiet place where you can enjoy spending time with your date, talking and getting to know the real her. The first da  Weiter>>

  • El_Leon (40M/Brooklyn, NY)


    It really does not matter what we do as long as the person I am with has my full attention. If I was with the right person I would know because it would not matter if we were in a fancy restaurant or walking by a crack h  Weiter>>

  • nurse40 (42F/san fernando)


    I' ll leave it up to you, surprise me

  • kingofkings08 (31M/Salt Lake City, UT)


    I don't have an ideal date just some where quite playback so we can talk and get to know each other.

  • Frasier2012 (57M/calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais)


    Meeting to talk is first,so how about lunch? Possibly romantic,and a walk .

  • jsouzadawg (20M/Tracy, CA)


    Easy a dinner or lunch to get to know eachother more

  • southernguy52 (54M/Plaquemine, LA)


    start out with lunch a place we both like a drink then snuggel at the movies and after that we talk and get to know each other thats how we do it the old fashion way

  • TheManOfThis (22M/Los Angeles, CA)


    Beach, dinner, magic mountain, anything fun..

  • fluffyladymn2012 (62F/Wabasha, MN)


    Perhaps meet for coffee or lunch somewhere cozy so we can talk. I would say a movie because I love movies but maybe for the second date.