First Date Ideas

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  • nickkcin2643 ( 28 / M / North York, ON )

    My first date something fun or thrilling to break the ice and stimulus both of us coffee that was soo last century lets go to a museum, road trip, those escape room, or out to a pub patio or to a sporting event:)

  • jtravis9109 ( 25 / W / Cedar Rapids, IA )

    I like to see what the man comes up with for a first date. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture of sorts, but I do give major bonus points for creativity.

  • KINGZO ( 37 / M / Euclid, OH )

    My first date would have some intrigue by insisting the idea of playing the game of finding the Easter Bunny . The Bunny after being found would give out the next steps to success

  • warrlover ( 26 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    How about a nice walk on the pier while the sun is going down and we get to know each other. Or maybe trying a new restaurant and new food while we stare at each other and I let you try out some of my plate?

  • Holliewood ( 43 / W / Judsonia, AR )

    Let s get together go out and party a little and just have some good ol fun!

  • buckeyemama ( 39 / W / Springfield, OH )

    Any date I don't have to plan is great!! ;) Honestly, it's not so much what happens on the date... if there is a strong connection between us, the date will be a dream no matter what!!

  • meganmaried ( 27 / W / Hyattsville, MD )

    Anything fun. Dave & busters, movies, dinner, concerts

  • naturelover71890 ( 26 / W / West Paris, ME )

    Going out to dinner or just taking a ride and having a picnic and just talk and enjoy eachothers company

  • riversedge ( 56 / W / Lawton, OK )

    Spring summer outside date winter wine by a fire

  • BreEnna94 ( 22 / W / Brookfield, OH )

    I am not a big romantic girl, it doesn't take a lot to impress me either. Maybe a picnic on the lake and a walk by the beach, or get ice cream/frozen yogurt and talk! Movies are not a good first date idea!

  • danielle0001 ( 25 / W / Dublin, Dublin )

    I don't really mind, I'm pretty much up for anything

  • Tazman70 ( 46 / M / Las Vegas, NV )

    Anything the lady would like, as long as long as she is happy. If she wants a traditional date, a not so traditional or if she wants to enjoy the sexual and physical pleasures of one another. Its completely upto her!!!

  • mdaniella11 ( 46 / M / Columbus, OH )

    Good,nice,trustworthy and caring woman

  • lebellamorte ( 26 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Coffee? Sure! Late night drinks? I'd love to! Dinner and maxing conversation? Of course! How about a round of video games? Winner gets a kiss. Sky diving? Just kidding lol. I'm actually content with the first three. No p...  read more>>

  • 1966jlo ( 50 / W / Marietta, GA )

    Quite place so we can talk and see if we are feeling each othets vibe!