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Verschiedene Nachtaktivitäten

Land   Bundesland/Kreis/Region
Essen und Trinken
Romantisches Abendessen (206)
Abendessen (2939)
Café (2320)
Kulinarisches Abendteuer (227)
Brunch (163)
Trinken (1573)
Süßigkeiten (121)
Mittagessen (873)
Unterhaltung und Kulture
Live Musik / Concerts (314)
Lesungen (5)
Museen und Galerien (211)
Künste und Handwerk (25)
Tanzen (120)
Kinofilm (1009)
Sporting Events (121)
Darstellende Künste (76)
Besichtigung (252)
Sport treiben / Spielen (98)
Shopping (37)
Verschiedene Aktivitäten am Tage (586)
Wandern (344)
Haustiere (33)
Verschiedene Nachtaktivitäten (810)
Dates, die einen Unterschied machen (665)
Spirituell (33)
Nette Treffen (18)
Nur kategorisiert werden
Nur kategorisiert werden (2949)
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The best first date would be out to the bars where we can have a drink and talk ...
Dinner, movie,or bowling...somewhere fun!
I've never actually been on a serious DATE! So anything that seems romantic and ...
I would like to meet you first of all. Get to know eachother. And have fun. Do a...
It's really a mutual thing. Talk it out first because I'm open to pretty much an...
I'm terrible at thinking of dates, and honestly I've been on very few actual dat...
I'm not a very formal girl and if I were to be on a date I would want to be some...
Somewhere we can talk and get to know each other.
Somewhere with Alittle fun. .. not just movies! !!
Huntin, fishin, shinin for deer, campin out on a river bank you name it!
Doing something fun. I'm into living life and experiencing new. So a hike up the...
Whether its a café to "break the ice" or even a stroll through a park, Then a...
Dinner movies keep it cheap & easy. Okay with goin home with u first date
Im up for anything ;) just let me know what u wanna do
Have dinner at Olive Garden, Go to Concerts, Sports Live Arenas, A bond Fire on ...