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  • shdateher (41F/Rogers, AR)


    I think the first date should be casual and fun. Something where it's easy to talk and very little pressure. Just laid back and get tot know one another

  • wiseburst (42F/Catskill, NY)


    A play at the park, a picnic, out to eat or a cozy coffee house. The choices are endless but I'm sure we will come up with something that we are both comfortable with

  • womenrsmarter (30M/North York, ON)


    Well let us see what we can work out. Please don't be shy! I like women of all ages!

  • kobemike1017 (32M/Riverside, CA)


    I am open to pretty much anything

  • boo1963 (50M/Brazil, IN)


    To enjoy each other and have fun seeing what goes on from there hope looks don't scare you off

  • rachhbabii (19F/Toms River, NJ)


    proper date , such as going out to lunch etc. (:

  • Drinks, walk on the beach, going for a drive, coffee, sit and talk at a park

  • A walk on the beach with my dogs followed by a drink, maybe lunch at a country pub

  • jessiestark (19F/Redondo Beach, CA)


    No cliche walks on the beach but actual doing stuff at the beach, swimming, paddling, canoeing, or just grab some tea and talk about things.

  • jzupp95 (18M/Langley, BC)


    Doesn't matter as long as we are having fun.

  • snow37 (38F/Phoenix, AZ)


    Getting good and eating is at a table in a store that they are trying to sell

  • ravenx3 (21F/Germantown, MD)


    I do like surprises but simple things such as lunch or dinner are always welcome (: Even things like wine tasting or just meeting up for a drink.

  • pearlevil (21F/Wayne, PA)


    let's go exploring! dates don't have to be just a dinner or a concert. let's walk around a town and get coffee, find out the little things about a town we never knew existed before. i like to have fun.

  • mandimoo (33F/Christchurch, Canterbury)


    Love to walk along the beach, have a coffee and get to know him, fool around and laugh..

  • Niccilynn (39F/Kalispell, MT)


    I like just being able to walk and talk! If it goes well, we could maybe consider getting a meal afterwards.