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  • sksteve ( 35M / Etobicoke, ON )


    Anything goes. can't really say depends on the personality of the person and what mood i am in

  • sxxylady38 ( 41F / Dallas, GA )


    Visiting an art museum or seeing a concert

  • PING_22EAC503 ( 33M / Reston, VA )


    In this life, Happiness brings about laughter, laughter brings about long life span, I definitely would like to have a good laugh with my date, so we'd go to Comedy club or dinner theater playhouse.

  • Heroforhire88 ( 27M / Smyrna, GA )


    I'm up for just about anything, but there's just something so nice about a nice dinner and good conversation :)

  • Cindelicious218 ( 30F / Duluth, MN )


    I would love to have a quiet romantic dinner somewhere to get to know you first. Afterwards we could go out for laughs and drinks at a comedy club.

  • mi492k2 ( 31F / Newark, CA )


    Dinner and the theatre would be ideal random Bay Area sightseeing is great as well

  • terry1364 ( 50F / Porter, TX )


    I would like go to a cafe in Paris,if that not possible then a dinner where they have the best burgers.

  • PHOENIX2013 ( 43F / Feltham, England - London )


    the smell of the crowd -the roar of the greasepaint ..i love a show

  • Gnamenz ( 25F / Melbourne, Australian Capital Territory )


    How abt a walk in the gardens or a drive thru movie

  • Cdngirl2011 ( 38F / Union, ON )


    My ideal first date would be something romantic that would allow us to talk and get to know each other. Restaurants are great; however I would like to do something that incorporates our hobbies and interests.

  • abel27 ( 31M / Kassel, Hessen )


    me gusta el arte musica hip hop deporte y pasarlo bien

  • maverick43 ( 47M / London, England - London )


    we can decide together,as I am very flexibill ,and like a lot of different things.

  • Justus2011 ( 30F / Bronx, NY )


    Like I said I would like to be introduced to some new things, so I am open to suggestions...I don't want to be boring and just say dinner and a movie lol. Even though that is fine with me as well. Anywhere with a good at  Weiter>>

  • KhrystianElyza ( 21F / Gonzales, LA )


    Well, ideally, me and my date would meet at a place that was common to us both, a small coffee house, bar, club, ect. at around 5-6, we'd grab a cuppa, or tea, and chat for an hour or so, and then, ideally for me, go to  Weiter>>

  • flybirdiefly ( 26F / Chicago, IL )


    A great first date would be going to listen and dance to blues or jazz music. Have a couple drinks and taking a walk and enjoying the day or night with eachother. Or going to check out an art gallery and having dinner af  Weiter>>