Fun Date Ideas

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  • Rabbit5 ( 41 / M / Karnes City, TX )

    Going out to a nice place to eat. Then going to a movie maybe to see a foreign film. Or go to a art gallery

  • IVONGee ( 21 / W / Anaheim, CA )

    I think a first date should be spent in a relaxed way, where we can both talk and get to know each other.

  • Tsplits92 ( 25 / M / Englewood, OH )

    Go to a nice museum so we can talk and better get to know each other. Because going to a movie for a first date is lame because we can't even talk to each other

  • Kenya007 ( 49 / W / Euless, TX )

    I think the ideal first date would be going to a Museum or coffee shop and just talking. I would love to be romanced...

  • arymay42 ( 52 / W / Orange, CA )

    I was watching Jeopardy the a while back and Alex Trebek was interviewing one of the contestants. He was asking about a recent "first date" she'd had. Apparently her date had taken her to a museum of Medical Od...  read more >>

  • dreamer0 ( 22 / W / East Wenatchee, WA )

    Look it art would be bomb but there aren't any art museums here so that ruins my plans so let's just stay at home and watch doctor who

  • feelfree25 ( 32 / M / Avenel, NJ )

    Quiet place just the two of us. Museums won't be a bad idea.

  • Bronxbella83 ( 34 / W / West Harrison, NY )

    I'd like to go to the History Museum. It's always been one of my favorite places since it has all different kinds of stuff. Nice to walk around in and great place to talk.

  • attica00 ( 29 / M / Ashland, OH )

    Maybe meet up at a Starbucks or something then go walk around a museum or festival type setting.

  • seashellhearts ( 49 / W / Warren, MI )

    I think a first date where we attend an art fair or museum is ideal. It allows for leisurely strolling, talking, but also comfortable silences. In addition, art is a great way to stimulate interesting conversations.

  • dmont55 ( 50 / M / Lancaster, PA )

    Coffee shop because it will be easy to break the ice

  • madrina ( 43 / W / Washington, DC )

    An ideal first date would be at the National Portrait Gallery (Gallery Place Metro, Washington, DC for those who are out of town). It's centrally located, easily accessible, and we could meet in front of one of the portr...  read more >>

  • bookmatchmaker ( 32 / W / Dayton, OH )

    If we're still getting to know one another, let's grab a drink at Panera. If we've been messaging a while, how about a cultured date at the DAI? There's no better way to quickly assess each other's senses of humor and ge...  read more >>

  • farahu ( 35 / W / South Richmond Hill, NY )

    Idea of the first date can vary.. as long as we are having fun and there aren't any awkward silences or dragged out pauses. Can be a simple movie, to a cafe, dusty library or just a stroll in the park.. long we are havin...  read more >>

  • kerribby_ ( 25 / W / Poplarville, MS )

    I'm game for anything spectacular!