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Where she wants because as long as I'm with her nothing else matters
i want to take her where ever she wants to go,do the thing she like to do,im ope...
I don't mind the traditional kind of date, dinner and/or a movie, however, I wou...
The first date will be a mazing. with a little wine and dine here in there and m...
Having a nice picnic at a vineyard getting to know each other and watch the sun ...
Laughing......fun......getting to know eachother......have a nice flowing conver...
We dine at restaurant, and after watch a movie, listen a music ...
Ihave always wanted to do peom readings with music
eat in a restaurant go out and dance drink or jost have fun play pool for me evr...
Id like to go to dinner an then go dancing or something of that nature at the ni...
I'm not really sure how I would want my first date to be. I like doing all kinds...
Maybe go down to a club and dance and after that well see what happens fron ther...
A nite of dinner, dancing til our feet hurt n then champagene n a hottub to trco...
Just a cool and fun date with a little spark to it
we can do a bar or lounge maybe a movie or out to eat its all good