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  • cuddlebug2002 ( 34F / melbourne, Victoria )


    a nice dinner at a restaurant or a picnic and a nice stroll along the sand

  • quala1989 ( 25F / Sandusky, OH )


    I love doing things like going to the fair and festivals. Looking in the newspaper to see what is happening in town this week. Going to the random silly things that happen in the community. Example sometimes downtown the  Weiter>>

  • bscorpio ( 27M / Warner Robins, GA )


    im simple. Great food, great music, great conversation, great night.

  • imfreeru ( 52F / Albany, OR )


    Our first date would be you calling me to meet for lunch. Then we would go to the movies, and then on to bowling. We would keep it local for the first date. Lots of smiles and lots of laughter.

  • way8in4luv2000 ( 43F / Hutchinson, KS )


    just something simple so we can talk and get to know each other,coffee(tea,soda) lunch dinner a picnic in the park. and well then we can always go from there.

  • shalinasdream ( 45F / Castlegar, BC )


    First dates should be low key and fun. Coffee, and a walk thru town or on the river walk. Maybe a movie. A visit to a local fair, festival or market. I think the first date should be a get to know you. It doesn't have to  Weiter>>

  • Dessy_Kins ( 21F / Calgary, AB )


    Id Love To Go Out For Dinner And Go For A Walk Sit Downtown And Talk Get To Know One Another. Or Go To The Zoo :D

  • chunkylicious ( 45F / Milwaukee, WI )


    My frist date idea is real simple. To get to know each other we could go listen to some good music. well you drink i'll dance. Or we could go to the movies or out for a banana split with all the fixins. Or to a festival  Weiter>>

  • midwestkeith ( 52M / Oak Island, NC )


    Im open for anything you have in mind.

  • squeeziebunz ( 38F / West Bend, WI )


    I like first dates to be simple. Maybe meet for an appetizer and a cocktail. Or we can have coffee and conversation. Or meet somewhere to view random tourist attraction.

  • JuicieJai ( 40F / Charlotte, NC )


    Meeting out doing something that we both enjoy

  • sweetmelipe ( 34F / Windsor, CT )


    Honestly,y idea of a fun first date would be to meet up at a place lik Nomads, where they have arcade games, laser tag, and gocarts and just making a day of it.

  • meChar ( 38F / Rockville, MD )


    A fun activity like the batting cages, Dave & Busters, or bowling followed by dinner.

  • Dianne8 ( 55F / Torrance, CA )


    It would be nice to go for a walk and to sit and talk and get to know eachother and see if there is great communication!

  • kat1973 ( 41F / Sudbury, ON )


    Fish and Chips at Killarney Picnic Grab a Starbucks and go sit by the lake. As long as it gives us the opportunity to talk and get to know each other, it's all good.