First Date Ideas

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  • Biggie46n2 ( 32 / M / Gordon, GA )

    lazer tag and pizza would be pretty cool to me and maybe a movie big movie goer

  • 1971jeffs ( 40 / M / Waterbury, CT )

    to go somewhere is very quiet and spend time and talk get to know each other I prefer to go to Mays beautiful park bring a lunch and talk just about every single thing that we done in our life that I get to know somebody

  • lstarr09 ( 34 / W / Houston, TX )

    Prefer a low key, low pressure first date like a lunch followed by a fun new activity or checking out some attraction nearby.

  • HoneyB5426 ( 36 / W / Vancouver, BC )

    depends on how we click. I am open for suggestions :)

  • emory2013 ( 37 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    We could go to "Sips and Strokes" where you get painting lessons and everyone brings a bottle of wine or whatever they enjoy sipping on. We can get to know each other while trying something new and having fun.

  • loveandlightina ( 42 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    I would like to meet up for lunch or coffee.

  • brianb2dar ( 24 / M / Plano, TX )

    Anywhere were we can actually have a conversation!

  • sdoggy ( 36 / M / El Cajon, CA )

    walk on the beach and dinner near the ocean. someplace where we could talk not just sit in silence

  • Trueangel ( 44 / W / Cincinnati, OH )

    First date idea would be going meet at park just to talk and get to know each other or even going meet up for lunch

  • rockajay92 ( 24 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Whatever we talk about :) will depend on when we are free to catch up and how busy we both are :)

  • CraigyB1986 ( 31 / M / Prestatyn, Wales - Flintshire )

    Quiet drink in a pub followed by bowling or a walk along the beach.

  • Splendor312 ( 53 / W / Chicago, IL )

    This could be a beby of things (of course)...but let's find a spot near the water...

  • yepitsreal ( 31 / M / Poplar Bluff, MO )

    How about you let me take you to the movies and talk to you on the phone so we can get to know each other because you seem to have a beautiful personality and wonderful head on your shoulders

  • chivalry101 ( 31 / M / Mooresville, NC )

    I like to be able to do something where we can talk, movies aren't bad, just prefer something hands and mind on. I was thinking like a picnic at a park and afterward go walk around the trail by the lake, or to go bowling...  read more >>

  • simplycurvacious ( 25 / W / Detroit Lakes, MN )

    Honestly I am open to going anywhere on a first date.