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  • bubba1919 ( 17M / Patterson, LA )


    Anything accept fastfood would be good.

  • Charismatic21 ( 21F / Chino Valley, AZ )


    Something fun! Let's go to an amusement park or a concert! Even a hockey game! Something that'll get the blood pumping and give us something to talk about! A quiet dinner and a movie is okay too, but a little too awkward  Weiter>>

  • MzEverlasting ( 37F / Anderson, SC )


    Dinner some where nice...and flowers and someone who listens and talk....and knows how to have a gudd time and then movies later on ....that way I have someone to hold hands with .....👫

  • thatoneguy574 ( 21M / Bloomington, IN )


    Whatever sounds good that day, drinks, food, concert whatever.

  • Jehssika ( 19F / Keystone Heights, FL )


    I'd just like to spend the time getting to know you on a deeper level. Anything would be a nice first date.

  • JK2780b ( 24M / Cambridge, England - Cambridgeshire )


    Depends on the person, up for new things and places x

  • notsolittleactor ( 18F / Vancouver, BC )


    I like it when a guy is spontaneous and surprises me with a bunch of different fun things on a date, without telling me where we are going. :p

  • Moose93 ( 20M / Newport, VT )


    My first date, well it's gotta be special! I don't care for formal dates because I like to feel comfortable all the time, which is key! Some candles, maybe some wine, and a few hours to just hang out and learn about each  Weiter>>

  • chriskc ( 20M / Tonbridge, England - Kent )


    Im all about the romance so every date is different and hopefully beats the one before it id like to set our first around your interests :)

  • LevinZN ( 50M / Durban, KwaZulu-Natal )


    My first date is to meet n greet

  • tattooedlover ( 35M / Fort Irwin, CA )


    Any where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • mattwile ( 19M / Denver, CO )


    Hang out, watch a movie, and see where things go.

  • MuzakMan88 ( 25M / Hubbard, OH )


    Walk through the park , then go for a drink or maybe dinner. Then possibly a movie.

  • Bluzman57 ( 56M / Turners Station, KY )


    Whatever we agree on according to weather , time of yr ect

  • Destinyswish ( 54F / Dallas, TX )