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Nur kategorisiert werden
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Nice to go to your house ytalk hang out with you a lot
That just depends. Anything really that allows us to talk and interact.
A quiet dinner or outdoors would be a great setting. A park or beach just talkin...
Spontaneous lets just see what happens and go from there
Anything you chose I pay loll no but seriously just something to have fun no pr...
Talking, laughing, people watching, comparing notes ...
hmmm first date, well i guesss it be just go to the beach or a drive i dont like...
Don't really kno but I'm pritty much down for what ever
Go to a theme park and than go have some dinner
I don't think a first date should be forced and planned like a move in Risk, it ...
Weekend camping trip...and I only drink vodka.
Im kind of a home body. Also kind of a foodie... If you are invited I will let y...
I hope my first date will be a nice...
Just looking for a Good time. You'll give me fun and ill make u feel what few h...
Just have a fews drinks n bullshit n 420 friendly if all goes well ee vould t ...