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  • mrhighonkush ( 33 / M / Cincinnati, OH )

    I'm spontaneous so anything that sounds good at the moment

  • Amon_Tyri ( 35 / M / Westmount, QC )

    it's a surprise, but it's supposed to be life changing and sooo meaningful (future travels r involved)...if u like children and good causes u will love this

  • manymen ( 50 / M / Yakima, WA )

    a lunch in the park talking about what we want out of life

  • tigersfan2000 ( 47 / M / Carriere, MS )

    Lots of fun and willing to try new things so pretty much open to anything

  • kendrix ( 30 / M / Hopewell, VA )

    Walk in a park and talk to get to know one another. Stores to see what you like. Go to the beach if she like that or to the water somewhere and feel the breeze and fish a little bit and have fun doing it. Show eachother...  read more >>

  • amandap882000 ( 29 / W / Nicholson, GA )

    would be to go to a park and have a picnic where we can talk and get to know one another. then go for a walk around the park

  • Carmelqueen37 ( 42 / W / Cape Coral, FL )

    A nice dinner in a outside setting, bowling, Golf (miniture) lol. Anything that gives opportunity to talk and get to know one another.

  • TeamNoSleep ( 35 / M / Milwaukee, WI )

    My first date,should be something fun&exciting

  • SeekingCoPilot ( 36 / M / Burlington, ON )

    you have to tailor it to each person. i cannot just put out a general idea... and all of you who write coffee..might as well just write interview.

  • Misanthrop74 ( 43 / M / Fürstenfeldbruck, Bayern )

    Wie wäre es am Seeufer in Decken eingepackt mit Glühwein oder Tee stundenlang Enten zu füttern und sich dabei über Gott und die Welt zu unterhalten ?

  • luvum_thick69 ( 41 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Whatever with feelings about each other if we connect we can take it from there and see where it goes

  • pierre62 ( 55 / M / North York, ON )

    go for coffee and conversation

  • KEV_DOG ( 31 / M / Adelaide, South Australia )

    my date idea's are decided once i have talked alot with someone an get a feel for what they like. IE: maybe a meal at a nice place but still casual then go to a driving range to have some fun hitting golf balls or to a m...  read more >>

  • sammy1232000 ( 39 / M / Landrum, SC )

    How would a night out to eat at a great steak/seafood place thats romantic, then go somewhere and look at christmas lights or something fun , relaxing and special.

  • settinthepace ( 45 / W / Sylmar, CA )

    To have coffee or dinner at a unique place. Ideally having great conversation and chemistry.