Dates, die einen Unterschied machen

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  • shortstuff62 ( 52F / Montgomery Village, MD )


    Outdoors on a nice day bring food and drinks. Indoors. A movie or a museum.something fun

  • paakwasi ( 30M / Dagenham, England - London )


    just will like to do things that my date will love me to do so we both enjoy the day or date and can be forgetting

  • Teddybear692012 ( 47F / Nashville, TN )


    A nice quiet evening together maybe dinner and some quiet place to talk and get to know eachother better

  • samanthajones ( 31F / Ridgewood, NY )


    I'd love to go for a long walk...

  • titinkerbellover ( 24F / whangarei, Whangarei )


    a romantic picnic dinner under the stars and a long walk at the beach

  • bobby60 ( 54M / Brussels, Brabant )


    Really no idea. I am open minded and curious. What about a new place for both of us.

  • Mixedchick101 ( 24F / Citrus Heights, CA )


    First date should be

  • loveleighx ( 27F / Chatham, England - Kent )


    some where nice to have a laugh and maybe a dance

  • Lola121969 ( 44F / Ocala, FL )


    Having good conversation, laughs and getting to know one another.

  • OlBlackfoot ( 56M / Medicine Lodge, KS )


    One must always be the gentleman, first things first...does she have any phobias? A tour of the Alabaster Caverns is fun and telling as to how daring things can be. Sightseeing the areas historic to the region is a fun w  Weiter>>

  • Boombox ( 25M / Houston, TX )


    First date. I think we should go to a quite place, like a park or museum to get to know one another.

  • denisediane0 ( 47F / Winnipeg, MB )


    I am very flexible for a first date. It should be decided on mutually.

  • Dominant_barbie ( 33F / Kilsyth, Victoria )


    No idea. Surprise me! I really don't care, but since I need 30 characters to submit this, I'm just gonna bullshit on. I'm pretty easy to please.

  • drsteve52 ( 62M / Hampton, VA )


    A simple meeting say at a park nature center or a nice restaurant where we can talk and get to know each other better

  • Jazzlover1961 ( 52F / San Diego, CA )


    My first date would be hanging out playing pool, going to the batting cage, Dave and Buster something fun going to the beach, something active. .