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  • TBGoody ( 35 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I think I'd really enjoy four wheeling in a muddy lake bed on a 1st date.

  • billmoore ( 48 / M / Australia )

    Go for a coffie and get to no each other and see were itgoes from there

  • Jcartier ( 31 / M / Cheyenne, WY )

    A day in the park, or out being active, with a picnic meal that I've cooked for us.

  • biggdogg24 ( 24 / M / Pittsburgh, PA )

    Well the first date, i would love to go out to dinner then go for a nice walk just to get to know each other a little more

  • screamer20 ( 28 / W / United Kingdom )

    Leave that upto you......whatever takes our fancy.

  • tryingagain2000 ( 44 / W / Commiskey, IN )

    maybe walk in the park antwhere public.

  • Janet47 ( 50 / W / Ironton, OH )

    Meeting in the park and talking, getting to know each other, or meet in a restaurant for drinks either with or without alcohol.

  • NursesRock66 ( 49 / W / Cheltenham, Victoria )

    My first date would start off with a nice coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever non alcoholic drink floats your boat and a good long chat. All going well, we could then go for a walk in the city (I love the history and  more>>

  • driq83 ( 32 / M / Fort Riley, KS )

    A candle light dinner, a walk in the park...BULLSH*T!! Lets decide all that when we get to that point..lol

  • Openandfree ( 37 / W / Snellville, GA )

    There's nothing wrong with dinner and a movie or meeting for a coffee at Starbucks though they are a bit conventional. Instead, let's go somewhere we can talk. How about bowling? The Aquarium? Play tourist in Greater Atl  more>>

  • Thickandlovingme ( 29 / W / Harlem, GA )

    Maybe Coffee! We could go for a walk and talk! We could go to the movies! We could go have a drink somewhere! We could go shopping together! We could do anything that make sense for a first date! Nothing sexual lets just  more>>

  • cherby ( 42 / W / melton, Victoria )

    meet up for a coffee, cafe, going to the movies, a dinner date

  • chinlady ( 63 / W / Plant City, FL )

    My ideal first date would be to meet in a public place for a cup of coffee or a light dinner.

  • justicesoulchild ( 38 / M / Verdun, QC )

    first date...... Well I think a coffee to start things off... Then a walk until we find a great restaurant to jump into and enjoy!! Or simply meet for drinks and see that door takes us !!

  • sammehsaladpants ( 27 / W / Melbourne, Victoria )

    I would love to do something fun, maybe bowling or going to mini golf, and if the date goes well. Head out for dinner or lunch after :)