First Date Ideas

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  • DyaShaeVonya ( 24 / W / Vernon, TX )

    I'm a simple girl. So, no need to go all out in a first date. Going to the park out zoo would be nice.

  • chillingwithty ( 22 / M / Brisbane, Queensland )

    It doesn't matter where we decide to go or what we decide to do it's the fact I'm doing it with you. No perfect pointedplans bit spontaneous at times.

  • Sitabry1982 ( 35 / W / Pensacola, FL )

    We can do evening walk on the beach... go out for dinner... im not a big fan of going to the movies on the first date because there is just no chance of talking and getting to know each other ;)

  • Oaklandteddybear ( 54 / M / Oakland, CA )

    A sushi bar and dare each other to eat exotic sushi morsels An outdoor cafe on a late afternoon Near a body of water simply contemplating

  • bbwluver2016 ( 38 / M / Saint Albans, NY )

    dinner and a movie whatever comes to mind we can take it from their.

  • jahajsk123 ( 22 / W / Murfreesboro, TN )

    First date idea? I would to say anything from a movie, lunch, a trip to Teavanna, or a concert.

  • kansaskelly ( 50 / M / Lawrence, KS )

    telephone visit then on to date at restraunt and a movie to get to know each other.

  • jos8380 ( 36 / W / Cedar Springs, MI )

    Meeting for lunch, going to a park. Hiking. Bowling playing pool.<--- both of which I'm Terrible at.

  • chrisD2343 ( 23 / M / Quakertown, PA )

    Bed room, bed room, bed room, bed room, bed room bed room, couch, floor, bed room

  • SinginKT ( 35 / W / Redford, MI )

    I'd love to go to a farmer's market or artist's market -- someplace we can walk casually, but still get to talk.

  • PhlpTyree13 ( 47 / M / Dayton, OH )

    Going to the movies and dinner

  • TnBBluvr ( 33 / M / Georgetown, TN )

    Riding down old roads and stopping wherever we want and ask if she wants to do it all over the next day and get a room , or call it a night and drive back home.

  • blessedjojo ( 57 / W / San Tan Valley, AZ )

    A quiet place to have a Lil something to drink and whatever to talk n get to know each other....!

  • reddakota ( 28 / W / Fargo, ND )

    My ideal first date would be meeting at a low key, comfortable place to sit and chat with no pressure :)

  • richlong ( 48 / M / Missouri City, TX )

    Out and about enjoying whts around maybe drinks and something to eat and share something about one another if possible