First Date Ideas

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  • countrygirl45gg ( 49 / W / Vancouver, WA )

    Would be nice to spend a relaxing evening with dinner getting to know each other. Share some stories about life and have some laughs.

  • BullethappyJ ( 22 / M / House Springs, MO )

    Just a day with a person I enjoy being around is fine with me. To me it's how much fun we have together that calculates our chemistry.

  • Porchswing ( 24 / M / Tecumseh, MI )

    Movies, grabbing a bite, doesn't really matter! First date would be simple either way, see if there is actually chemistry

  • sandycheeeks ( 25 / W / Saint Paul, MN )

    I am pretty much up for whatever...long walk, grab a drink, doesn't matter to me as long as we communicate, which is the whole point of a date:)

  • biggdaddieg ( 51 / M / Pensacola, FL )

    Whatever we decide.. :) I love the beach. Let's make it a day of fun. I love to eat. Movies is okay, but not for a first date (unless we have already did a quick meet and greet). Let's just play it by ear.

  • TRblack08 ( 33 / M / Jacksonville, FL )

    I would like to dine out to get to know each other on a personal level.

  • sammmf ( 22 / W / Plainfield, NJ )

    I have no idea what a good first date would be like. Something that would be fun and shows my date in a good light

  • zedsta ( 43 / M / Australia )

    What ever comes to us???

  • FULLFIGURELOVE ( 39 / M / Roselle, NJ )


  • LGcrazy ( 24 / W / Orlando, FL )

    Bowling or mini golf then maybe just goofing off at city-walk, I drive or downtown disney. Just being ourselves and having fun while getting to know each other

  • aboveandbeyond ( 25 / W / Ottawa, ON )

    Coffee/tea perhaps? Walk in the park or downtown?

  • Charli21 ( 39 / M / Birmingham, AL )

    Somewhere nice with good service and food that's fine with me

  • 15453sla ( 46 / W / Griffin, GA )

    Exploring and finding out what we both enjoy in life.

  • infinitus ( 29 / M / Pharr, TX )

    I would find out what that thing is you've always wanted to do but never got to for whatever reason and i would make it happen for you..

  • fljrfan1 ( 40 / W / Red Oak, OK )

    I would rather not go to a movie but I am not going to complain if we do.