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  • amazingbehindoor ( 22M / Charleston, WV )


    go to the beach and just have fun and see what happens happens its what ever

  • pharmgirl2010 ( 53F / Saint Paul, MN )


    coffee and a walk around roseville central park. they have a wooded area, a waterfall, a grassy area, and outdoor concerts in the evenings

  • TheFenrisWolf ( 31M / Upton, MA )


    Depends on the other person's interests and comfort level. Maybe a walk or short hike if the weather's good (with my dog, and yours if you have one!). Then someplace quiet and relaxed to chat. I'm more interested in conv  Weiter>>

  • Zenobia51 ( 56F / Thibodaux, LA )


    Dinner and a Movie or we can take a walk in the park, talk or we can sit by the river and talk.

  • nowhereman2000 ( 45M / Winchester, MA )


    To go do something outdoors,go for a hike,walk or if you like to fish ,mybe a little fishing.

  • benreal ( 54M / Cleveland, OH )


    eat, drink, sit and talk. or do something she prefer to do i'm pretty sure she has something on her mind.

  • vancethin91 ( 24M / Napa, CA )


    Beach, the City, or a nice quiet meal

  • oregonsue ( 51F / Portland, OR )


    Something simple and light. Meeting at a coffee shop or a light lunch and if we click and feel comfortable, head out for a nice walk. Great conversation is the key.

  • eveilwoman ( 37F / Edmonton, AB )


    A walk in a park. or sitting in front of a fire.

  • jamesw4100 ( 31M / Martinsville, VA )


    i would love to go on a picnic and just sit and get to know each other

  • tryingagainb ( 29F / Gallatin, TN )


    Getting out and about...a walk or something outside

  • carmelmocha007 ( 47F / Jacksonville, FL )


    A nice stroll on the beach under the moon lite sky.

  • Pookie71 ( 43F / Athens, AL )


    i would to just go for a walk and get to know somebody.

  • munchiebear ( 59M / Campbell River, BC )


    On the first date we would go to a coffie shop and injjoy each others conversaytion and go for a walk on the sea wall some thing in the way of a ice cream or a bike ride.

  • Thirstyjack ( 29M / Salt Lake City, UT )


    No first date should revolve around a show. How will you ever get to know your date? That is the reason I would like to go for a walk with and talk to the person I am on a date with. Whatever games and concessions we pas  Weiter>>